FC 24: how to perform Heel to Heel, Drag Back skill moves?

In this article, we’ll be covering, Heel to Heel and Drag Back, two of the most important basic skill moves that you need to work with in FC 24. These skill moves become much more effective if you can use them in the right spots because defending became much harder this year.

Heal to Heal is a four-star skill move. It offers you a quick push towards the direction you're facing, and it can be very useful in tight situations.


To be able to execute it simply push the right analog stick towards your player's front side and then once more towards his back.

With this quick skill move, you swiftly push the ball on a short line, which could be highly successful against Defenders who just attempt to grab the ball from the side. However, be careful that if your opponent makes a move toward the ending point, you could easily lose possession. Watch the defender's actions and choose the Heal To Heal if you believe that he is not capable of denying the space ahead of you.


FC 24, How To Perform, Heel to Heel, Drag Back, Skill Movesm Controller Guide

Drag Back is a two-star skill move which consists of two parts. In the first one you pull the ball back as you hold on to the L1 R1 buttons together while pushing the left analog stick towards your player's back.

In the second one you select an exit with your left analog stick either towards the back or to the sides or towards forward. That means we get more variations and can use them in different situations.


The Full Drag Back is used most frequently in FC or FIFA game series because it gives you the option to switch to the opposite direction. To do this, point the left analog stick in the direction of your player's back when you exit the drag back since doing so forces the defense to cover one angle while opening up the other. So you can easily spin around and locate the desired open space by using the Full Drag Back. 

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