Lords of the Fallen LotF 2023: Resistances, Stats guide

In this article, we’ll explain how Resistances (Stats) work in Lords of the Fallen (LotF) 2023. 

In LotF, there are foes based on a different element in each zone of Mournstead. For instance, many of the opponents in Lower Calrath utilize fire attacks, whereas many of the enemies in Forsaken Fen use poison attacks. Realizing this and then placing the quick access items that better protect you from those enemies is a crucial aspect of gameplay especially, as you progress through the game and face some of the worst foes Lords of the Fallen has to throw at you.  

Each zone is also a great time to assess your equipment and what benefits each piece of armor you're wearing is actually doing for you. Obviously, don't mess with the fashion Souls but if you're in the Zone with a cold theme and wearing armor that offers the most fire resistance, you're actually doing a great deal of damage to yourself. It's a balancing act, you have to balance between three things as you advance in the game: Encumbrance, Physical Defense, and Elemental Defense. If you can get good at it, you'll be able to withstand a lot more incoming damage.

Lords of the Fallen, LotF, 2023, Resistances, Stats, Guide
On the other hand, also realize that adversaries share the same relationship. Increased damage to poison foes and less damage to ice enemies are dealt by Rhogar magic. Every element has a relationship, and in combat, you receive immediate feedback on that relationship. A less effective attack is shown by a Gray damage number, an average attack is indicated by a White damage number, and a more effective attack is indicated by a red damage number.

Even while you might not be able to totally change your build, you can use various consumables to improve your ability to defeat types of enemies. If you are aware of the rock paper scissor relationship of each enemy type in the game, you'll be well-positioned to win.

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