Lords of the Fallen LotF: defeat Mimics and escape Umbral guide

Lords of the Fallen (LotF) 2023 puts their own twist on the well-known deadly creatures known as Mimics. They are a hallmark of the soul genre and attacking when you least expect it. In this guide, will show you how to defeat Mimics and rewards you get by killing them. We’ll also share some tactics to escape from Umbral, in case you get caught.   

Keep in mind that not all shiny objects will yield gear when searching the area for loot. Massive undead bugs known as Ravenous Fascinators are hiding just outside in the Umbral and, if you fall for their traps, they will kill you at once. It's the angler fish that has been transformed into a video game enemy, and you must navigate the game world strategically. The light is the key to distinguishing between treasure and a trap. The Mimic's central light is a little larger than typical loot, and its tail also moves more wildly. It will be possible to escape the Mimic's lethal hold if you can recognize both of those items. It will be possible to escape the Mimic's lethal hold if you can recognize both of those things.

It's important to note that if triggered, a Mimic will draw you into Umbral right away and there is no way to avoid that. So learn to recognize them as soon as possible since they can be located just about anywhere in the game world. If you are able to recognize a Mimic, killing them is as easy as looking in their general direction and soulflaying. They'll be forced out of hiding as a result of this. This will reward you with some fancy loot, such as a consumable that temporarily boost your loot discovery, making it ideal for farming rare items from certain enemies. 

If you fail to spot a Mimic and you end up in Umbral you can use some strategies to escape:

The Womb of Despair
is a type of Umbral enemy that you will encounter during your adventure.  When present, these opponents should always be given top priority because they will frequently spawn some Umbral remnants. By killing them you will often get you some moth-related item.

There are three types of moth-related items that can drop from this particular enemy:

The Vigor Moth can be eaten to preserve your Vigor the next time you die. In the best case you'll use this knowing you might go into an area with tough enemies and die but not in a position to immediately spend the Vigor that you have. 

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The Vestige Moth item allows you to immediately return to your most recently used Vestige. This, in my opinion, is the most useful Moth item in LotF because, on many occasions, you'll want to return immediately to a Vestige point, especially if you're caught in Umbral. This is your get out of jail free card and should be used as such.

The Desiccated Vestige Moth does the same thing as the regular Vestige Moths, returning you to the last Vestige point in exchange for Vigor. Although not ideal, this can be utilized in a pinch.

Ultimately, when you advance deeper in the game, knowing that these items exist and where to farm them is quite valuable. It's beneficial to keep a few of them in your inventory.

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