Spider Man 2 PS5: which difficulty, graphics settings to play?

The hugely successful Marvel's Spider-Man franchise featuring the two Spider-Man protagonists, Miles Morales and Peter Parker make their comeback in a thrilling new adventure available to play on the PS5 console. With untold stories and amazing new abilities, you'll be occupied for sure! But Venom, their longtime foe, is threatening them, putting their city, their lives, and all they treasure in jeopardy.

Like every video game, there are some settings to choose from to make sure you have the best possible gaming experience. In this article, we’ll share you with the best difficulty and settings to play Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (SM 2) on PS5.

Spider Man 2: which difficulty should you select? 

In Spider Man 2, you’ll get four difficulty levels to choose from:

Friendly Neighborhood: This option is appropriate for players that prefer a low level of difficulty in their battles. (You won’t die in combat)

Friendly: This difficulty level is appropriate for players who want to enjoy the story.

Amazing: This difficulty level is suitable for players looking for a balanced combat experience.

Spectacular: Players who enjoy more difficult combat should use this option. The opponents are more powerful and aggressive.

Spider Man 2, SM2, Which Difficulty, PS5, Graphics Settings

You can obviously play at whichever difficulty level you choose. However, Amazing is regarded by most players as the best difficulty level to play SM2 on PS5. You can also change the difficulty of the game at any time.

Best graphics settings to play Marvel's Spider-Man 2 on PS 5

When it comes to graphics mode, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 seems to work best in the "Fidelity" setting with the VRR function set to "Uncapped." Nonetheless, the optimal visual configurations for each player will differ significantly according on their individual tastes and the screen they're using. Selecting "Performance" mode, which raises the number of frames per second at the expense of quality, will probably be the best option if their screen does not support 4K resolution.

The decision becomes more difficult if players have a 4K screen. They will then have to make the tough choice of whether to give graphical quality (fidelity) or refresh rate (performance) priority. If getting a higher refresh rate is important, players who can do so should absolutely enable 120Hz display mode, which will lower input latency and increase refresh rates.

Complete Graphics Settings to run Spider-Man 2 on PS 5

Video Output 

Current Video Output Signal

Resolution - Native (if your monitor supports 4K resolution, make sure to select that option)

Resolution and frequency 

Resolution - Automatic 

VRR - Automatic

120 Hz Output - Automatic

ALLM - Automatic

4K Video Transfer Tate - Automatic

HDR - On When Supported 

Adjust HDR (make sure to calibrate your HDR)

Deep Color Output - Automatic       

RGB Range (Automatic - Recommended)

Visual Settings (Graphics)

Graphics Mode - Fidelity

VRR - Uncapped 

120 Hz Display Mode - Auto

HDR - On

Motion Blur - On

Film Grain - 0

Chromatic Aberration - On

Depth of Field - On