Spider-Man 2 (SM2): change the difficulty during your game PS5

Spider Man 2 (SM2) is the latest action video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero character Spider Man. It is now available to play on PlayStation 5. 

The game offers you four different difficulty levels, each of which is tailored to accommodate players with diverse skill levels and preferences, making the experience fun and demanding for everyone.

The first one is Friendly Neighborhood difficulty: this level is intended for casual players or those who prioritize the game's story. It offers a fair challenge without overwhelming players with intense combat encounters (You cannot be knocked out in combat). It serves as a solid starting point for most players.

Next comes Friendly difficulty: slightly harder than the Friendly Neighborhood difficulty. It provides more challenging enemies and demands players to strategize and make efficient use of their skills in order to advance. The Friendly level is a suitable option for players who want to enjoy the story. 

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The third one is Amazing difficulty: This option is suitable for players looking for a balanced combat experience.

The last one is Spectacular: It is the hardest difficulty level, enemies are stronger and more aggressive and requires both a deep understanding of the game mechanics to succeed. This option is ideal for players who like more challenging combat.

In Spider Man 2, players can customize their gameplay to suit their skill level and preferred level of challenge by selecting from a variety of distinct experiences offered by each difficulty level. Whether you prefer a more relaxed experience or crave an intense battle SM 2 has a difficulty level suited to your play style.

How to change the difficulty during your game progress in Spider-Man 2?

Now, if you have some problems progressing in Spider-Man 2 because you consider the level of enemies or missions to be too high, it is possible to change the difficulty. To do this, press the Option button on your PS5 controller, then click Settings. Once in the settings, click on Gameplay and all you have to do is change the difficulty of the game or the elements that interest you by pressing the directional keys.

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