Spider Man 2 (SM 2) PS5 Unlock Symbiote Black Suit for Peter

In this article we’ll show you how to unlock Peter’s new Symbiote power Black Suit in Spider Man 2 (SM 2) PS5 2023.


In relation to Symbiote Powers, Peter also has access to the extremely potent new Ultimate type ability known as Symbiote. 

Now, in order to obtain Peter Parker's Symbiote power suit, you will need to advance through the game's main mision and complete mission 16 Good Men. You will acquire the Venom Symbiote during the course of this quest, which will attach itself to Peter Parker's suit.


The most interesting thing about this costume is that it allows you to access Peter's skill tree and gain access to certain skills. You can potentially unlock 10 skills in main mission in Spider-Man 2, you can change outfits your outfits.

With this Peter’s attacks are much more powerful and low health enemies are quickly eliminated with a brutal finisher that does not cost you any Focus to perform.

Using this ability to just take out groups of enemies is highly satisfying because, while Symbiote Power is active, you are virtually unstoppable.

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Miles also possesses an ultimate returning ability known as Meg Venom Blast, which he was able to use towards the end of his previous game. It's an extremely powerful AOE ability that can quickly eliminate a sizable group. So smart to use these abilities when you are heavily outnumbered.

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