Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell Season 1 bundle content

In this article, we well cover everything that we know so far in regards to the Call of Duty MW3 Blackcell Season 1 bundle content. 

Blackcell is the premium version of the battle pass and will cost you 29.99 USD. The Standard Version will cost you $10 or 1100 CoD points. With that $20 difference, you get everything that is listed below: So, you will receive a brand-new Blackcell operator. The operator changes every season, and this time around it looks like the operator might be named either Ash or Maestro. 

In addition to that, a brand-new weapon blueprint will also be included with Blackcell. It usually has rounds and Tracer effects attached to it. So, this is an excellent way to obtain a brand-new Tracer weapon blueprint for a newly released weapon in MW 3. They normally choose the weapon that is most in demand at the moment, which is most likely going to be the MCW. Alternatively, they may choose to use one of the brand-new weapons, which is typically the AR or the SMG. The highly anticipated RAM-7 weapon, which was previously revealed through leaks, will be included in this update.

From what we've seen thus far, every Blackcell blueprint fits within the same style, which is essentially a variation in black and gold. Some of them had that see-through option as well. You can sort of expect that to be one of the weapon blueprints that you are going to get.

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Furthermore, the Blackcell operator will also be getting a brand-new finishing move. There are occasions when they just have a unique finishing move, and other times they bring in pets—we saw a tactical pet dog on two occasions.

In addition, you will automatically get 1100 CoD points. That has nothing to do with the 1400 CoD points that you're able to get from the battle pass by grinding it out and unlocking all the different tiers. You can use those points in the store and buy anything you want with them. So that's going to be available for the standard. So the 1100 Cod points is exclusive to Blackcell.

You are also going to get 20 Tier Skips. So, you will receive 25 if you play on a PlayStation, 20 if you play on a PC or Xbox, and 50 if you possess the Vault Edition.

The ability to begin from different areas of the Battle Pass is another feature. It is possible to unlock weapons and equipment a little bit quicker than everyone else by working your way from the center rather than starting from Tier Zero.

Additionally, alternate skins will be provided to you. So every skin in the Battle Pass will therefore have a different Blackcell variant, which is typically a black and gold variant of the operator amount that is present. So, the Battle Pass sometimes offers six, while other times it offers up to twelve. There will always be a Blackcell variant of that operator available for you to obtain, regardless of the quantity. So if you add up the operator skins you're basically going to get double what the standard version would get. 

Lastly, there's always that one odd extra item that we occasionally receive—for example, a glider, a smoke grenade, or a vehicle skin. There's always that one random thing I can't really give you a guess on what it will be this time but it will just be that one item that you won't see in any other Blackcell bundle.

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