Defeat Fyrakk: WoW Amirdrassil final boss battle tips

World of Warcraft's newest raid, Armidrassil, offers you four difficulties. The battle against Fyrakk the Blazing concludes the nine-boss raid. Here is the strategy in raid, normal and heroic mod.

The last boss of the raid, Fyrakk, may also be the one to give you the brand-new legendary weapon. Battle against Fyrakk is a three-phase with a transition phase between phases one and two.

Phase 1

During this phase, wildfire will gradually emerge from the edge of the platform. To avoid burning, all you have to do is go backwards as the phase goes on.

Tanks just need to tank the boss while facing the raid; however, because of Fyr'alath's Bite, the tank mechanic, nobody should be positioned with the active tank. Every two bites, swap out the tank. Take care—Fyrakk's attacks deal more magic damage to the tank after the bite.

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Not only will the raid endure continuous damage, but healers also need to be aware of the Aflame debuff that needs to be dispelled from certain players.

Firestorm is a major ability that Fyrakk uses during battle. After a short while casting this ability, Raging Flames will appear on the ground and aim to destroy players. The Roots of Amirdrassil must remain safe from these Raging Flames, or it will be destroyed. 

The other major ability is Dream Rend. When Fyrakk uses this, run away from the created portal, otherwise you will die.

Blaze is going to target specific players in Heroic. A line will then cross them, no one must be on this line.

This phase doesn't necessary demand a lot of expertise, but it does require a lot of moves and a lot of things will happen at once.

Transition Phase 1

When Fyrakk reaches 70% health, he casts the Corrupt and attempts to corrupt Amidrassil. You have 30 seconds to destroy the shield he gains with Corrupt otherwise it's a wipe. You absolutely must stop the Shadowflame Orbs that will be heading towards Fyrakk, otherwise it's also a wipe.

Once the shield is broken you move on to phase 2.

Phase 2

During the second phase, the boss will alternate between staying on the ground in humanoid form and flying away, giving you additional tasks to complete. He will retain phase one's Blaze, Aflame debuff, and Bite of Fyr'alath abilities.

Throughout this phase, the healers will have to deal with Spirits of the Kaldorei who move into the room towards Amidrassil. They must be cared for 100% to keep it alive. If the it dies, it's wipe.

Before he flies, he will summon two Infernals on the tanks. You have to tank them but also kill them very quickly, otherwise they will explode and wipe you.

When Fyrakk takes off, he casts Shadowflame Devastation. Leave the darkened area and then control, interrupt, and push the adds that will appear so that they do not touch the Spirits of the Kaldorei.

When he finishes flying, Fyrakk returns to the ground and you must not be under his impact zone

Phase 3

Fyrakk transforms into a dragon at the start of Phase 3. Proceed with caution as while certain tactics change, P1 mechanics remain the same.

The Infernal Maw will force you to swap tanks frequently, and you'll need to keep an eye on Fyrakk's direction in order to dodge his Shadowflame Breath.

Amirdrassil's Seed is the primary mechanic in this phase. Players must pick up the seeds that are scattered around the ground. When a mechanic hits the seed, it burns and becomes useless, thus you have to keep them on you and avoid being hit by a mechanic from the boss. If you are targeted by a Fyrakk skill, drop your seed and deal with it. For instance, the boss will target select players with Eternal Firestorm. Targets have to get out of the raid as soon as possible and avoid coming into touch with seed carriers.

All players in the raid must assemble in one place just prior to the boss unleashing Apocalypse Roar at 100% energy. Two seed carriers must then utilize their bonus action to build a protective dome and prevent the wipe. You won't be able to defend yourself against the Roar without seeds, thus it will be a wipe.

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