Defeat Volcoross, Raid boss battle tips: WoW Amirdrassil

Armidrassil is the newest raid in World of Warcraft, offers four standard difficulties. The battle against Fyrakk concludes the nine-boss raid. 

Volcoross is the third boss in the raid. Here, we’ll share some strategies to defeat this boss in both normal and heroic mode. 

During the Volcoross battle you must synchronize the two parts of the raid and you will fight opposite each other in the room, and there is just one phase to this battle. 

Keep an eye out for Volcoross's Scorchtail Crash during the entire battle. You can see its shadow before it hits the platform, so just dodge it.

Defeat Volcoross, Raid Boss, Battle Tips, WoW, Amirdrassil

When Volcoross uses Cataclysm Jaws, you have to switch out your tanks. For healers, the boss deals constant damage to the raid.

The Flooding of the Firelands is the reason why the raid will have to proceed across the arena in two parts. To prevent killing the raid and to absorb the damage from both hits, you must divide the raid into two groups when the boss unleashes this spell. The Floods will cause puddles of lava to form on the ground, forcing each raid half to move to a different side.

Some players will experience Serpent's Fury and Coiled Flames , area debuffs. The targets move away from the group.

Lastly, when Volcanic Disgorge hits you, align yourself with the pools of lava that are already to your left or right. This is because the spell will launch a pool of lava at you that will stay there for the duration of the fight.

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