Defeat Larodar, Keeper of the Flame in WoW Amirdrassil

The World of Warcraft raid, Amirdrassil, has now launched and offers four standard difficulties. The battle with Fyrakk marks the conclusion of the nine-boss raid. So take advantage of the opportunity to engage as much as you can in this final raid of the expansion!

Larodar, Keeper of the Flame, is the raid's fifth boss. The following is the raid search strategy in both normal and heroic difficulty to help you win this battle.

We enter the more challenging raid battles with Larodar. The confrontation is divided into two phases: the first is more of a survival phase, and the second is a race against time while the fire is still an issue in the room.

Phase 1 

When it comes to tanking, the active tank will be targeted by Furious Charge. He has to get as far away from the boss as he can in order to lessen the damage he takes as well as the damage the raid takes. Transfer tanks to Larodar after charging. Apart from this charge, you will also need to get the Fiery Force of Nature that will spawn in the room. Besides, DPS must also interrupt and neutralize them.

The main mechanics of the battle will heavily rely on these Treants. Healers must now provide them with healing after they have been neutralized. Once they have reached 100% of their health, they must go to the center of the room and give energy to The Seed of Life that is situated in the center of the arena 

Defeat Larodar, Keeper of the Flame, WoW Amirdrassil, Raid, Update 10.2

Three players in your raid must click on The Seed of Life once it has energy. The players involved will put out the fire in front of them, and a line will link them to the seed and each other. When the seed begins to run short on energy, move as far apart from one another as you can to break the link and avoid consuming all of the seed's energy at once.

Scorching Roots 

After the Roots are taken care of, they will make a bush appear which offers you protection in the region. You will all need to enter the bush and channel Hellfire in order to survive, which happens when Larodar reaches full energy capacity.

Apart from these spells, Larodar also make use of Blazing Thorns, AoEs nearby need to be avoid that. These AoEs leave orbs in Heroic that you have to come into contact with before they touch Larodar.

Phase 2

Upon reaching 35% of his health points, or after casting three aging Inferno, Larodar enters phase 2. He initiates a transition phase beforehand, meaning that melee combat shouldn't happen and the healers will have a lot of work to do.

During phase 2: The raid will continuously take damage and the fire tornadoes needs to be avoided.

Falling Embers

The Falling embers, which are little red AoEs, must be soaked before being launched into the room. Then the healers must assist the players who are targeted by Flash Fire, they need to take car of the absorption.

At the end, new Treants will enter into the room. Slow them down and kill them as quickly as possible.  

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