LoL: how do you pronounce Hwei? His Abilities guide

League of Legends (LoL) has debuted Hwei as a champion, and there is much discussion over his name.


Many players find it difficult to pronounce Hwei, whose name is presumably influenced by Asia. Is it "Hwai," "Hou-éi," or is it something entirely different? League of Legends creators frequently look to different cultures for inspiration while creating their own champions. Asian influences might affect how Hwei pronounces his name.

While regional variations may exist in the exact pronunciation, "Hwei" is typically pronounced "Hou-éi." Remember to emphasize the initial "Hw" and pronounce the vowel "e". It's also important to pronounce the letter H. See how the official LoL EN narrator pronouncing the character's name:

Hwei's Abilities Explained:

Hwei, the Ionian midlaner mage, used paint to deal damage, give teammates shields, and even take control of his opponents' thoughts! Possessing a combination of over 10 potential abilities.

Hwei's origin is rooted on three different concepts: that of a paint mage, that of a brooding antihero, and that of a humanoid male mid-laner mage who lacks physical features like Ryze.


Passive - Signature of the Visionary: Hwei marks opponent champions briefly with his attacking abilities. When an enemy marked with another ability comes into contact with it, an explosion occurs beneath them. It explodes after a brief delay and deals magic damage to all nearby opponents.

QR/WR/ER - Wash Brush: Hwei refreshes his basic abilities and cleans his paintbrush without wasting any mana or cooldown.

Q - Subject: Disaster / QQ - Devastating Fire: Hwei creates a flaming sphere of fire that shoots in the desired direction. It detonates when an enemy hits it or when it reaches its maximum range, causing magic damage + magic damage to all nearby enemies that is proportionate to their maximum health.  

QW - Severing Bolt: Hwei hits at the targeted location with a devastating long-range lightning bolt. Lightning strikes after a delay, causing magic damage. Enemies that are immobilized or alone suffer more damage based on missing HP.

QE - Molten Fissure: Hwei creates residual lava on his route by painting a field of explosive volcanic eruptions. Each eruption hits an enemy with magical damage. In the lava area, enemies slow down and take magic damage per second.

W - Subject: Serenity / WQ - Fleeting Current: Hwei grants himself and his companions the ability to travel more quickly for a short while by painting a stream of swift waters in a line.

WW - Pool of Reflection: Hwei briefly forms a shielding pool at the targeted location. Allied champions in the zone get immediate shield, increasing in value over the seconds in the zone.

LoL, Pronounce, Hwei, Abilities Guide
WE - Stirring Lights: For several seconds, Hwei paints three whirling lights around him. Hwei's next three spells or attacks deal extra magic damage and replenish mana upon each successful strike.

E - Subject: Torment / EQ - Grim Visage: When an adversary is attacked by Hwei's terrifying face, magic damage is dealt, and the enemy is temporarily forced to retreat.

EW - Gaze of the Abyss: Hwei paints an Abyssal Eye at the targeted spot, allowing visibility and locking on to the closest enemy champion in sight. Following a brief pause, the eye fires at the locked champion, dealing magic damage and briefly stop the first foe in its path.

EE - Crushing Maw: Hwei paints on crushing jaws that pull foes into the center and slow them by a fixed, rapidly decreasing amount while dealing magic damage to those who are hit.

R - Spiraling Despair: For a brief period, Hwei casts a vision of pure despair that attaches itself to an enemy champion. Dealing magic damage every second, the vision grows until it overpowers every enemy it encounters. Over time, stacks of Despair affect the local enemies. Each stack of Despair applies a percentage slow. At the end, magic damage is dealt when the vision breaks.

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