The Finals tips: improving aiming and explosives guide

With some intriguing twists on traditional game styles, The Finals isn't exactly like other online games and can be a little more challenging to master. If you're used to previous games of a similar genre, playing this one may require some getting used to. So in this tutorial, we’ll share some useful tips on how to improve your aiming and shooting accuracy in The Finals.     

Now, most of the new players will start their game with AKM, so it is important not to aim your very first shot right on the enemies’ head, by doing so, you’ll find that this will distract your view. The cannon itself will obscure your target, which can momentarily cause you to lose track of them. Rather, aim to hit your very first shot at the upper part of their chest. For the rest of your shots, think top lungs which will perfectly bounce your recoil up onto their head. This keeps your tracking of their movement less obscured by your gun model. That makes it simpler to counter the weapon's recoil and maintain landing hits straight in their faces.

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You'll find red explosive canisters all throughout the map, and they have to come into direct contact with a player or travel a set distance before going off. Otherwise, if you're too close, they'll bounce right off the surface you might be attempting to destroy. But once it's ready for detonation, you may yoink it back in if you throw it and hit the grab button right away. You will be able to use these closer to the impact site by pre-popping them, and once activated, you will have slightly more than two seconds to throw.

The flammable yellow barrels take even more time to explode after being thrown—roughly five seconds after they land. Although, there is a way to somewhat lessen that time. The flames will begin to ignite when you hold one and you can melee pound it to bash it for detonation beforehand. After that, you have roughly five seconds to throw it before it blows up. For those who were anticipating a longer explosion period, this may come as a surprise.

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