Tips for Playing Tabetha’s mission in Warcraft Rumble (WR)

Blizzard's sole mobile game, Warcraft Rumble (WR), is the newest addition to the Warcraft franchise. It is a real-time strategy game, where you must earn gold to place your units on different types of terrain. These units advance alone and must destroy every tower in the opposition to win the game, while you defend yours.

The game offers you a huge number of units and limitless deck creation possibilities. You can also complete PvE missions in this game. Tabetha is one of those PvE missions that you’ll get in WR. In this article, we’ll give you some useful tips on how to successfully complete Tabetha’s mission.  

Tabetha is one of the missions that you’ll encounter in Dustwallow Marsh, where Tabetha causes havoc on the battlefield. The best tactic to overcome this mission is to simply try to maintain as much control over the encounters as you can. No special deck is required here.

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What units does Tabetha use?


Fire Elemental


Ogre Mage

Stonehoof Tauren

Who are the best leaders against Tabetha? No particular leader is recommended.

What are the best units against Tabetha? Try to have a deck that will mostly spam units, not big tanks.

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