WRC: driving fast in rainy, wet, foggy weather, drifting tips

In this article, we’ll share some useful tips and tactics on how to drive faster during rainy, wet and foggy weather conditions and we also give you some guidance on drifting in EA Sports WRC.

The dynamic weather system in WRC is a feature that changes the weather during a race. 

The choice of tires, grip, and visibility can all be impacted by the weather. Rain, for example, might cause mud and slippery conditions on the road. Snow and fog can both affect visibility and increase the likelihood of a car sliding and drifting. Additionally, the weather might change suddenly, making driving even more challenging.

WRC, Dynamic Weather Conditions, Driving Fast, Rainy, Wet, Foggy

You can see the weather forecast before each event and plan accordingly. You can also adjust the weather settings in the options menu to suit your preference and difficulty level.

Since you'll need to adapt to various environments and scenarios, the Dynamic weather system adds realism and immersion to the game.

It's also important to avoid drifting too much; while it may seem nice, drifting isn't necessarily the quickest method to turn a corner. You risk losing momentum and speed when you drift, as well as being more susceptible to over-steering or under-steering. When the automobile loses grip on the back wheels and turns more than intended, it is said to be over-steered; when the front wheels lose grip and the car turns less than intended, it is said to be under-steered. Both can cause you to lose control and crash, which can have an impact on the handling and performance of your car.

Try to stay in the racing line and keep your speed constant rather than drifting. The racing line is the best path that minimizes the distance and time taken to complete a corner. When a race is underway, it appears at the top of your screen. It's hard not to miss it, so pay attention to it when necessary.

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