Best Settings to play Season of Discovery WoW Classic

You can change several game settings to improve your gaming experience in the Season of Discovery WoW Classic. In this article, we'll briefly go through the settings that I would definitely change in this game right away.

By default, you have to manually click on each item that an enemy is holding in order to loot them. However, it is quite convenient to just right-click on them and have everything they are holding fall into your bags, which you can find with B.

So one of the things I would change right away is I would go into my settings then turn Auto Loot on. 

Make sure that you have NPC names on – change it to All NPCs so that you can see them in the distance or nearby.

Make sure you've got Nameplate Motion Type turned on that's very helpful. 

Turn on Display Aggro Warning and Show Enemy Cast Bar. 

Also in Action Bars option make sure to turn on Action Bar 2 and 3 so that you can slot more abilities. 

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You must hold Shifts in order to move skills that are on your action bars. This will stop you from inadvertently moving them when you're merely trying to click them during combat. So you just hold shift down and then you can move it.

Turn on Show Numbers for Cooldowns

Turn on Always Show Action Bars

Next, go to Keybindings - Movement Keys then change Strafe Left to A and Strafe Right to D. By default when you hit those keys it rotates instead of strafing when you use to ASD. 


Target Nearest Enemy with Tab

Target Previous Enemy with Shift - Tab 

If you're going to be playing a support role then you can use Target Self with F1 

Target Party Members with F2 3 4 and 5 

Despite being over 20 years old, this game does not automatically optimize the graphics, so make sure to adjust all of these settings.

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