Healing guide: Season of Discovery WoW Classic

In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on how the healing system works in Season of Discovery, World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic. 

When playing Season of Discovery, you'll notice that damage is inflicted on you continuously and that you have to wait for your mana or health to replenish. This will slow you down between battles if you don't know how to account for it. So one of the most common ways to cope with this is going to be food and water. It is possible for a Mage to make their own food and water, and you're going to love yourself for this and other players alike, since you may exchange the crafted food and water with them. So, if you are with a friend make sure to prepare some food and water and give it to them. As soon as the battle is over, you can sit down, have a drink, replenish your mana and health, and quickly return to battle with minimal downtime. On the other hand, you will need to purchase food and water if you are not a mage. Although the cost is not very high, it does accumulate because it is a recurring expense. Food and water are limited to use outside of combat; this is where consumables and first aid will be useful.

After food and drink, we have spells and abilities that aren't limited to healers in the Season of Discovery WoW Classic. Classes didn't really get a lot of healing capabilities if any at all so you're incredibly limited unless you were a class that can heal. So for everybody else you're going to be using potions. Potions are something that you can use in battle. So, when you're fighting an enemy and your health starts to drop too low, you know it's almost too late to run; you may either take a potion and run, or you can take a potion and kill the enemy if you'd like. However, potions are going to be the thing that saves you.

Potions can be obtained in two different ways: first, as rewards for defeating foes or drops; second, if you begin making them yourself, through alchemy.

You should be aware that you won't be able to spam potions in battle because they do have a cool down. Once you use a potion, you won't be able to use it again for a while.

Healing Guide, Season of Discovery, WoW Classic

First aid comes next; it will let you heal yourself both during and after combat. It is very crucial because there aren't many methods for healing yourself during combat. the way that you do this is you're going to craft bandages for yourself and then you can use these bandages/ It is important to note that they have a cool down. Despite their limited use, they can heal you for 66-damage over a period of 6 seconds. For this reason, having first aid on hand is a good idea, and their value cannot be emphasized.

So just keep in mind that those are essentially the three methods you can use to manage your Mana and health while you're leveling up. Water and food will be your main sources of sustenance between battles. Your potions are essentially your last recourse because you won't have an infinite supply of them. If you choose first aid then you'll have an excellent means of self-healing during a crisis in combat.

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