Top 5 Addons, install guide: Season of Discovery WoW Classic

In this article, we’ll share some of the best CurseForge addons and we also show you how to install them in the latest update, Season of Discovery, of World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic. 

Questie: I prefer to use this addon when leveling up a new character. This one will show you all the nearby quests in the region. It will even be displayed on your map as well. There are actually a lot of quests that you can find in some areas so you may miss out on the chance to earn a ton of extra XP if you didn't have this addon enabled. This is not a leveling guide that will tell you when to go to a new zone or what sequence to complete each quest; instead, it will tell you the exact location where you need to hit to complete a certain quest, and that is quite wonderful. Another feature I enjoy is that Questie shares your progress when you level up alongside someone else who has the same addon. You will therefore be aware of the number of enemies or things that the player needs to acquire. An icon that shows if you need to kill that adversary will also appear on your name plates and on your target portrait. Extremely helpful if you're just rushing around and don't really focus on what you need to kill.

CPT Stadics Vendor Treasures: This addon can be useful to you during level up and at max level. What this does is to add icons to your map that show you where to buy items, potions, and a variety of other things. This will come in very handy early in the Season of Discovery, when you may not have many items in your auction house or you simply need a new item to level up a little faster. For those who are curious, you may track the various special goods dealers on your map without having to be in a designated zone. They will always be on display and of course, the items you see on the map are those that are being sold. Just keep in mind that sometimes the items might already have been acquired by another person and this is not being trade.

Leatrix Plus: This one's extremely useful because it can perform a lot of tasks automatically, like selling the useless stuff in your inventory that have no worth to other players or the auction house. It can also accept quests, accept summons, automatically fix things, and more. Enabling the Max camera zoom is another feature I enjoy. This means that you can zoom out far more than what the interface camera settings allow you to.

RestedXP: This addon is fantastic if your goal is to level up quickly and get as many characters as possible to level 25. It will guide you through the best possible questing route. In the future it will also assist you in collecting a great deal of additional items in addition to the various runes you require. One advantage of this is that you can quickly level up a lot of characters, find about all the new class changes, and maybe even find your new main.

Top 5 Addons, Installation guide, Season of Discovery, WoW Classic

On the left you can see the current step you are at and the tasks you need to complete for the next task. There will also be different numbers on your map and mini map; these will show both the next location you need to go and the location of a particular quest. Besides, you can use the quick targeting button to not only mark but also target the NPC you need to interact with or kill. There are two versions of this add-on: a free version and a paid version. You can play through a few levels and test it out in the free version. The full paid version will work all the way up to max level and whenever they introduce a new phase then you can continue to use this to level quickly to the new max level.

Adi Bags: Having a Bag On makes it considerably easier to locate new items that you've looted. If you need to organize stuff, for instance, find your consumables, quest items, and so forth. There are a few different bag addons available, but Adi Bags is the one I like most. I like this since it will automatically sort everything I own and it will also shine anytime I take something new.

How to download and install addons in Season of Discovery WoW Classic?

- Download and install CurseForge on your computer

- Select World of Warcraft as your game after it opens.

- Next, ensure that Classic is chosen from the drop-down menu on the search bar.

- You may now enter in any of the addons we've listed here and have them installed straight into your game!

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