Movement Tips: WoW Season of Discovery Classic

In this article we’ll share some useful tips on how the movement works in WoW Season of Discovery Classic.

Never turn your back on the targets or they could wind up dazing you. When you get dazed, your movement speed is likewise slowed down by 50% for four seconds. This can be very lethal, so we would advise you to just strafe around instead.

Movement, Tips, WoW, Season of Discovery, Classic

You should change the Q and E strafing keys to A and D instead of the default ones, since this would make the movement much easier. So when you press A and D it will either move to the left or to the right. The next step is to combine this with pressing your jump button. Press your jump button simultaneously with either A or D. You will jump and move a great deal to the side by doing this. It's important that you do this since you could get stunned or rooted. In the event that this occurs in midair, you'll still be traveling in the direction. However, in order to make the strafing even better, you must now combine it together with your camera. So by holding down your right click at the same time as you're doing your strafing this allows you not just to jump to the left or to the right but also backwards at the same time. So you will not be turning your back against the targets. You will be moving with a fast speed pretty much as fast as if you were just running and you can also shoot at the same time super useful to get away. 

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