Combat tips: Season of Discovery WoW Classic

In this article, we’ll share some useful combat tips in Season of Discovery WoW Classic

One of the reasons why Season of Discovery WoW Classic is so popular is that you have to consider the engagements you are going to put yourself into especially in the early stages before having access to your full kit.

If you see two mobs adjacent to each other, you probably don't want to fight them together because you will probably lose. So you will need to carefully consider how to separate one from the other before engaging them, or how to crowd control (CC) one while you kill the other. It will be important that you utilize your self-buffs and also your crowd control abilities like on the Mage you can polymorph enemies or you could frozen over them. 

Now, keep in mind that opponents are two levels higher than you when you're fighting them. There is a 6% possibility that your spells will miss. There is a 177% probability that your spells will miss if they are three levels higher than you. Fighting enemies that are three levels higher than you will actually cost you in the game, thus you should generally attempt to avoid doing so.

Again, if you find yourself in a risky or dangerous situation in this game, you should definitely take advantage of crowd control. If you still feel unsafe, you may also utilize something like a heavy linen bandage in battle. This can help you recover and increase your chances of making it through that battle.

Combat Tips, Season of Discovery, WoW, Classic

Three-level-above mobs have the ability to deal crushing blows on you, which will increase damage by 150%. They will therefore not only be more difficult for you to hit, but they will also deal more damage to you and they're going to be higher level which means they have more life and can deal more damage overall.

Running away is the best strategy if you find yourself losing a battle, but be aware that you could become dazed if you are hit from behind. As a result you will be slower, and they will have more time to attack you. You can avoid this by bunny hopping away from them and kind of trying to keep your face towards them so that they can't stun you while you're running away. It's not required that you do something like that; instead, you can use one of your crowd control skills on them and simply flee.

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