Find Quests in Season of Discovery WoW Classic

Season of Discovery is the latest update of World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find new quests.   

As soon as you start your adventure, the first thing you will notice is the quests that are accessible. Exclamation points will appear; if it is gold, it indicates that you can start the quest; if it is silver, it indicates that you cannot start the quest at this time because you are not level enough; and if it is blue, it indicates that the quest can be completed more than once. Likewise, when you see an NPC with a question mark over their head that means it's a quest you can turn in and if it's blue, it indicates that it's a repeatable one.

You will be able to complete several different kinds of quests in this game. A group will be necessary for some of those quests, which are for dungeons or raids, and some of them are for elite enemies, which require you to find a partner to assist you in battling your way through and eliminating some Elite. You should absolutely complete the elite quests. It is certain that you will need some assistance from someone to defeat that elite enemy, but the effort will be worthwhile because they frequently drop some really awesome loot in addition to large XP awards.

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You can accept the quest by right-clicking on the NPC, and when you do, a list of the rewards you can pick from will appear. Usually, you can only select one when it comes time to turn it in. So, once you've finished it, you can select the one you like.

If there is a silver exclamation point means you have not yet completed that quest yet. In classic while, if you don't have any add-ons, the game won't tell you what to do or who to kill on your map; instead, you'll have to read it yourself. It also won't track the quest for you unless you kill one of the related mobs first. So if you don't have add-ons installed then I would highly recommend you to get them. Here we listed top 5 addons to install in the Season of Discovery WoW Classic

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