Ship upgrade tips: Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader

In Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader, you have a choice to upgrade your ship.     

So how do you upgrade your ship in W40K Rogue Trader? Well, you're going to engage in combat, explore the universe, and gain ship levels. Then there’s a green circle that fills up as your spacecraft gains level. Upon reaching the full green circle, new items will become available to you, including

Swing Run - This will allow the ship to perform a U-turn, which is incredibly useful because enemies will try to flank you or get behind you during action. Since all of your weapons are mostly aimed forward and you don't have a lot of weaponry that can reach behind you. So you've got a lot that can go sideways, left or right and then you've got a lot that can go forward.

Torpedoes - you can control them and they can go any which way.

You've also got Torpedo Control, which essentially allows you to move your torpedo five extra slots in a single turn. This is quite powerful.

Ship Upgrade, Tips: Warhammer 40K, Rogue Trader

Another upgrade you can get is Flagship Base Post abilities, which will enable your ship to turn sharper effectively. So when it comes time to maneuver your ship, remember that getting your ship pointed in the right direction is a big part of what makes combat challenging. The enemies are aware that they will always attempt to get behind you. Therefore, when it comes time to retaliate against your enemies, the sharper you can turn, the easier your life will be.

Then there is the Reinforce Shield, which is a really useful tool that enables you to select which side of the ship you want to enhance the shields on to reduce the amount of damage that the ship is taking when the enemy attacks you.

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