Tarkov Arena med hotkeys, healing, keybinds tips

Arena, the latest DLC expansion for Escape From Tarkov is currently available to play. In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on med hotkeys, healing and keybinds.   

It is important that you remember to hotkey your meds at the beginning of each round. The duration of an Arena round is frequently less than the amount of time that a painkiller lasts.

(hotkey meds at start of match - hold middle mouse, then press number key, 4-9)    

It is therefore wise to hot key a PK and instantly popping at the beginning of your round, even if you only have one; it is preferable to be PKed when your leg gets blacked five seconds into the round than not. Keep in mind that every decision you make in the Arena matters.

Tarkov Arena, Med Hotkeys, Healing, Keybinds, Tips

To further expedite the healing process, consider the following: keybinding the buttons of your most crucial heals to each other; for example, bind a medkit and a bleed med to the same slot. Assume four with the bleed on press and the med on release. In this way, you can press four once to stop a bleed and then four again to use the medkit which will actually restore your health. While it may appear difficult, meding during an Arena battle could mean the difference between life and death. Thus, it's a strategy that might be helpful and frees up more keybind slots.

In the event that you run out of meds for the preset you have in the midst of the round, keep in mind that there are meds on every dead player in addition to those scattered around the map close to your spawns. Technically, looting a dead body for some additional painkillers or a medkit could save your life, but it could also result in your death. So be wise about whether to make that decision and whether it's worth it at that particular moment.

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