Worth cheap and must Upgrades in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla

The latest Valhalla DLC for God of War Ragnarok significantly changes how progression works with many new upgrades. In this guide, we’ll share some of the upgrades that you should be focusing on.

It is worth mentioning that not every upgrade may be unlocked at once, so if I mention an upgrade here and it's not available to you yet, simply keep going through the DLC story line and it should eventually pop-up. Even though you may permanently raise all of Kratos' Strength stats, these upgrades are still highly recommended ones because the first tiers of these upgrades aren't too expensive.

Health and Rage should obviously come first, but I also believe that Strength and Defense should be on the must upgrade list.

Although stats are crucial, there are even bigger upgrades you can buy for Kratos at the Tablet of Reflection. Melee combat will still be your mainstay in Valhalla, so dealing more damage and taking less is preferable than lowering your cooldowns.

In this Rog-like game mode, survival is obviously the most crucial factor, therefore having all three of the additional upgrades in the Health and Rage category is essential.

Unlocking Critical Health Regen means when an encounter ends with less Health than expected, it will regenerate up to that amount before you start the following one. It may be upgraded to raise your minimum Health following an encounter from 10% to 30%, which can literally save your life after a challenging battle. However, it is better to avoid getting to low health and that is where health looter comes into play.

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When purchased every time you loot a legendary chest or a rift so you essentially gain some health back from the rewards that emerge at the end of an encounter. Again, the amount can be upgraded by leveling up the Perk to a maximum of 10% Health recovered. So unless you suffer no damage at all it would be wonderful to have a little additional Health at the end of an encounter. So that is why I strongly advise you to get this upgraded.  

You can get an additional Ace up your sleeve if those two upgrades aren't enough to keep you alive by making sure you begin each run with a resurrection stone. They were already pleasant in the base game, but since dying in Valhalla has more dire consequences than in the main game, having an extra life is even more valuable. In contrast to the main game, you can purchase an additional Resurrection Stone to begin each run with, effectively granting you three lives before being expelled from Valhalla. It could take some time to unlock the second stone because it needs several Divine Triumphs, a rare resource in Valla that you obtain by defeating bosses.

Once you've made some progress you can also purchase a Divine Triumph in the Greek Section of Valhalla if you have a thousand Fleeting Echoes on you. Even while it sounds like a lot, the Rifts you must finish in this area also grant a Divine Triumph as a reward, and therefore, before continuing, make sure you have the necessary amount of Echoes.

Those Divine Triumphs will definitely come in handy because they are also required for some of the most advanced Health and Rage upgrades.

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