Best settings to run LoL League of Legends Season 14 on PC

In this article we’ll share with you the best settings to run League of Legends (LoL) Season 14 on low-end or high-end PC.

Windows Optimization 

Game Mode - Activate

Xbox Game Bar - Deactivate 

Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - Activate

Next, make sure to update your graphics driver.

Nvidia Control Panel

Manage 3D settings (Nvidia)

Low Latency Mode - On

Change ECC State - Deactivate

Change Resolution - Native

Under the power option make sure that you're running Balance or High Performance.

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In-game Settings (launcher) 

General - [Checked] Enable Low Spec Mode (for low-end PCs) 

Notification - [Checked] Disable Esports notifications.

Game - [Checked] Prefer DX9 Legacy Mode (for low-end PCs)

In-game Graphics Settings 

Resolution - Native

Window Mode - Full Screen

Character Quality - Medium

Environment Quality - Medium

Effects Quality - Very Low

Shadow Quality - Off

Frame Rate Cap - Uncapped 

Anti - Aliasing - Off

Wait for Vertical Sync - Off 

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