Nightingale: ways to increase stamina, best food to max stats

Nightingale is a massive open world survival game that you can play solo or with up to six friends. In this guide’ we’ll show you how to increase your stamina and the best food to max your stats. 

In Nightingale, you want to avoid running out of your stamina at all costs because if you do, you will die. This is especially true if you are swimming and if you have not got enough rest then your stamina gradually decline to zero, which will finally cause you to die as well. That's why you should always strive to increase your level of stamina.

Now, you should definitely continue to fill up your rest bar, which is the blue bar in the lower left corner. If you haven't figured out this mechanic previously, the game tells you to make a bed roll pretty early on. You go up to it, you press short rest, it tops the bar up and you can do this multiple times if you are running particularly low.

Nightingale, Increase Stamina, Best Food, Max Stats

You are allowed to take a long nap in the evening, but everyone on the server must do the same. In other words, if you're not playing alone, you'll need to get all of your friends or teammates to take a long rest at the same time. Fortunately, there's a notification in the upper left corner for that, and it will obviously give you an additional rest buff to your bar.

Having meals is another effective strategy to boost your stamina. In your inventory, you’ll find some mixed plants and they give you +30 maximum stamina, along with some maximum health and regeneration, and they're really easy to make. All you have to do is head over to your campfire, select Craft item, and then proceed to mix plants. You will now need two different kinds of uncooked edible plants; however, they can be the same plant, so you could use mushrooms as an example in both. You can do the same with berries and just put theme in and that will actually give you +30 max stamina. On top of this I've just been using roasted meat and that one gives you 16.5 extra stamina.

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