Dragon's Dogma 2: how the combat system works?

In addition to providing a vast open world for exploration, Dragon's Dogma 2 revolutionizes the combat/action genre with exciting battles against mythical creatures. By taking advantage of their weaknesses, players will be able to combat dragons and ride griffons

In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on how the combat system works in Dragon's Dogma 2.

While Dragon's Dogma 2's combat and stamina system are linked, your standard light and heavy attacks don't deplete any of that gauge. This means that attacking enemies should always be your top priority. Using spells or weapon skills, running, clinging to monsters, and various vocation-specific actions all deplete your stamina bar.

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There are a few important components that come together from your character's general size and proportions. Taller, larger characters will replenish stamina more slowly, and your size will also effect how quickly you move overall. In contrast, smaller, shorter characters will regenerate stamina more quickly, allowing them to employ more weapon skills more frequently.

I know many of you have already created your characters in the Character Creator demo, so don't worry. That character you previously created can be completely edited again before beginning a playthrough. In order to adjust your character's size and proportions throughout a playthrough, you can also buy the Art of Metamorphosis book from a Rift merchant and take it to a barber.

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