Get XP AP and level up Materia quickly in FF7 Rebirth

In this article, we’ll walk you through the various methods to farm Experience Points (EXP) and Ability Points (AP) in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to farm EXP quickly in FF7 Rebirth?

There are various ways to farm Exp in FF7 Rebirth, some of which are considerably more beneficial than others. However, in order to get a lot of experience points, we advise you to concentrate mostly on regional quests like Grasslands, Junon, or even Corel. These quests include tower reactivation, hunts, side quests, excavations, and Protorelics. This seems like the simplest method for us to level up fast. 

Here are some other available methods:

- If you set the difficulty to Easy, you will not only have simpler battles but also acquire more experience. To change the difficulty settings in FF7 Rebirth simply navigate to the options while it is being played.

- Complete the different challenges of the Combat Simulator and restart the battle to gain more exp and AP easily.

- Use the EXP Up Materia to be able to gain more experience points after defeating enemies.

Get XP, AP, Level Up Materia, FF 7 Rebirth

How to farm APs in FF7 Rebirth?

There are several methods farm APs but they all involve combat. The quickest and most effective way to earn some is to go through Combat Simulator challenges. Most of the challenges are relatively simple and you will gain a lot of APs especially if you do missions with several rounds.

You can also get a more of them by doing the hunting missions in each region, as well as equipping the AP UP Materia and pairing it with the Materia you want to increase quickly. This Materia can be obtained in 4 copies during your game:

- The first is in the Mithril mines that you will explore during chapter 3, it is at the end of a path that you will be able to explore with Barrett and Red XIII.

- The second can be acquired by finishing a combat mission in the simulator that is related to Corel and is unlocked in chapter 9.

- For the third, you'll need to wait until chapter 11 to do a Nibelheim-related simulator challenge.

- The final one can be acquired as a reward from the Colosseum at the Gold Saucer.

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