Importance of talking to NPCs in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord, Vanillaware's newest strategic role-playing game, surprised everyone with its unique gameplay and stunning visuals. To make your experience smoother, I've put together some helpful tips about the importance of talking to NPCs in the game.

Interacting with every NPC and villager you encounter in Unicorn Overlord is worth your time. In classic JPG fashion, a lot of the secrets and hidden tips about where to find special items or how to defeat bosses are in the side dialogue logs that you can normally skip. I know a lot of people don't like to read, especially all the filler dialogues, and I don't think this game has that great writing.

Importance of Talking, NPC, Unicorn Overlord

In the beginning, many of them will be tutorials, but you'll also frequently get tips on how to use certain units or types of troops; occasionally, they'll tell you about hidden mechanics or the kinds of rewards you may find in the zone where you talk with them.

The most helpful thing I've found, even on the hardest difficulty, is that if you chat with every NPC, they'll often tell you the best path to explore the Overlord map and give you clear advice on how to take on bosses and their weaknesses, such as whether to use range units or magical damage against them. They'll also assist you in setting up your army for more difficult battles and prepare for the future.

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