Kalista Build: LoL League of Legends Wild Rift

More than three years after its launch, Wild Rift is still adding new features allowing players not to get bored. Riot Games has released patch 5.1, which features a ton of new content. New events, new items, and most importantly new champion!

The release of patch 5.1 brings Kalista to Summoner's Rift. We go out Kalista's ideal build and its favorable and unfavorable match-ups for you in this article.

With patch 5.1, Kalista becomes available on Summoner's Rift. In this article, we show you Kalista's ideal build along with its advantageous and disadvantageous match-ups!

Like the majority of ADCs in the game, the champion's build is primarily dependent on AD items. The best Kalista build for patch 5.1 is given below:

Kalista Build, Wild Rift, Counter, New Champion

Items for Kalista

- Blade of the Ruined King 

- Runaan's Hurricane

- Terminus

- Bloodlust

- Guardian Angel

- Berserker's Greaves 

Spells and Runes for Kalista 


- Flash Jump

- Exhaust

- Ghost or Heal (depending on match-up)


Lethal Tempo

- Brutal

- Coup de Grace (or Giant Slayer against tanks)

- Legend: Alacrity

- Phase Rush 

Counters against Kalista

What a delicate champion Kalista is. It is undoubtedly deals a lot of damage, but it also requires strong support. Nautilus, Leona, Allistar, and Rakan are examples of supports. When it comes to Kalista, certain champions can be quite potent. See the following for the top counters against to Kalista:

- Twitch

- Draven

- Sivir

- Nilah

- Miss Fortune

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