Best XDefiant settings for PS5 and Xbox

You can gain some gameplay improvement by adjusting a few settings in XDefiant. We've listed the ideal settings for Ubisoft's first-person shooter below.

Best UI and gameplay settings:

It's recommended to set the field of View (FoV) between 95 and 110, many players choose 105. In order to ensure that the aiming view matches your default FoV setting, you should also leave "FoV when aiming" to "Consistent".

The recommended setting for "Sensitivity Transition" is "Instant." Also make sure that the "Sprint Interrupt Reload" option is set to "On" so that you may interrupt your reload. Choosing "Aiming Interrupts Reload" should be based on personal taste.

The "Minimap Rotation" setting has an error. It must be set to "Off" in order to rotate the minimap. It is also recommended that you set the "Display Ping" to "On". By doing this, you'll always be able to see in the upper left corner of the screen whether your connection to the server is good or bad.

Best XDefiant Settings, Controller Settings, PS5, Xbox

Best controller settings:

Although you really have total control over the controller settings, there are a few oddities that might affect your selections. Many players find that setting their Vertical Sensitivity lower than their Horizontal Sensitivity yields better results. So if you're experiencing difficulties aiming in XDefiant, try experimenting to see if it helps. When changing the aim factor, be sure to set it higher when aiming with a scope than for aiming without one.

You should also change your sticks' deadzone. Lower the stick values as much as you can without causing the sticks to move automatically. In other words, adjust it low enough to prevent automatic stick drift. The majority of people's values fall between three and six.

Best audio setting to hear steps better:

Select "Audio & Voice Chat" from the menu on the left to access the audio settings. XDefiant doesn't have an ideal setting that would improve your ability to hear enemy footsteps. The only thing you should change is the value for "Dialogue Volume". The ideal settings are 60 or 70. This will guarantee that any potential enemy footsteps are not concealed by the character dialogues.

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