Ghost of Tsushima standoff, duel PC guide - director’s cut

Standoffs and duels are a major part of the gameplay in Ghost of Tsushima (GOT). You will have the chance to engage in these exciting moments and unforgettable battles throughout your adventure in the game. 

However, mastering duels is not a simple task. We provide you with some useful tips to help you if you are having trouble with this game mechanic.

How to win a standoff or duel in Ghost of Tsushima?

Standoffs or duels are started before engaging in combat with a group of adversaries, to start a standoff you have to approach enemies and adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen. The following actions can help you win a standoff:

- Hold Triangle: Press and hold the Triangle (or the key on your PC) button to begin the.


- Wait for the enemy to start moving towards you.

- Release the Triangle button when the enemy is about to attack you. 

- Beware of deceptions! Some enemies will fake an attack to make you release the button too soon.

The enemy will be instantaneously killed if you are successful in doing this. You are able to chain four foes in one encounter if you have upgrades. To gain these enhancements, follow these steps:

- Techniques: Go to the Techniques section of the menu and spend points to unlock the Standoff, Standoff Streak, and Improved Standoff Streak skills under Evolving Tactics.

- Sakai Clan Armor: By wearing this armor, you can add an additional enemy to your series of standoffs.

One-on-one fights against strong opponents, known as duel, are sometimes accompanied by breathtaking cutscenes. The following tips can help you win more duels:

- Focus on the enemy's movements (feet and legs) to anticipate their attacks.

- Release the Triangle button just before the enemy reaches you. Avoid being fooled by feints.

- Techniques like the quick attack and perfect parry are two of the most important techniques. Boost your chances of success by unlocking and improving these skills.

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You can also fill your Ghost Stance meter during duels. Your performance in duels can also be enhanced by wearing the right charms. For instance, defense charms like Phantom Endurance boost your resistance, while attack charms like Clubbing and Double Destruction increase your damage.

Optimization of standoffs and duels 

Make sure you adjust your equipment and skills prior to each mission to maximize your chances of winning standoffs and duels. Charms and techniques can be changed depending on your needs:

- Attack Charm: Increases damage dealt and speed of hits.

- Defense Charm: Improves your ability to resist enemy attacks.

- Attack Techniques: Strengthen your offensive skills and increase your effectiveness in duels.

It is essential to become proficient in standoffs and duels in Ghost of Tsushima. It's a bit of a helping hand, but with some practice, you'll get the feel of it naturally.

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