Gray Zone Warfare It’s In The Water Sample Location Map

Gray Zone Warfare is a brand new FPS game where you are required to complete several challenging quests. One of the quests called “It’s in the Water” takes you on a mission of exploration and investigation. The scientist known as Lab Rat believes the water is tainted by something hazardous. In order to find the answers, the scientist asks you to collect three different types of samples in the Ban Pa area 

The samples from the ground, the water, and the avian tissue are required to complete this quest. All of them are scattered around secure areas, making it more challenging to collect them.

Now, before you go to Ban Pa make sure to buy three sample kits from Lab Rat. They'll let you collect the samples you need to complete the quest.

Ground Sample:

After leaving Ban Pa, go northeast along the water's edge. Search for an earthen mound marked by a small shovel. After taking a sample, proceed to the next one.

Water Sample:

Locate a little well with a covered top in the middle of the village. Take a sample even though the well is covered. You've almost reached the Elder's room if you completed the "Shadow Over Ban Pa" quest.

Avian Tissue Sample:

The last sample is inside a little fence near the water, south of Ban Pa. Search for a sizable nest box that has a birdhouse-like appearance. Approach and interact to get the sample.

Gray Zone Warfare, It’s In The Water, Sample Location Map

After collecting all three samples, return to Lab Rat to get these rewards: 150 Lab Rat reputation, three small blood pack, $6300 and 1000 experience points.

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