Optimize Graphics for best visuals, FPS: Gray Zone Warfare GZW

In this article, we've put compiled list of some of the best Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) in-game graphics settings to improve PC performance, FPS, and visual appeal.


Window Mode - Fullscreen

Display Resolution - Native

Vertical FOV - 60

VSync - Off

Frame Rate Limit - Unlimited 

Frame Rate Limit Background - 60 FPS 


3D Resolution - 67

Global Illumination - Low

Shadow Quality - Low

Texture Resolution - Epic (depends on the amount of V-ram on your PC)

Effects Quality - Low

Reflection Quality - Low

Foliage Quality - Low

Optimize Graphics, Best Visuals, Increase FPS, Gray Zone Warfare, GZW

Post Processing

Post Processing - Low

Motion Blur - None

Sharpening - 0


Anti-Aliasing Upscaling Method - DLSS

NVIDIA DLSS Frame Generation - On

NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution - Quality 

NVIDIA DLSS Sharpness - 0

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency - On

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