Install League of Legends, Riot Vanguard LoL anti-cheat

Riot Vanguard is now available on TFT and League of Legends LoL. This cutting-edge security technology from Riot Games was created specifically to safeguard the integrity of their games. Originally implemented on Valorant, it is now required to play LoL and TFT.

Maximum gaming protection is ensured by this program, which consists of a kernel mode driver and a client that runs in the background. Some gamers have been experiencing issues launching LoL since its release, with errors such as Van9001 or Vanguard error 128.

How to install Riot Vanguard?

Riot Vanguard must now be installed in order to play LoL and TFT games. Using state-of-the-art technologies created by Riot Games, the program ensures that the gaming environment is always fair and free from cheating. If you have the most recent version of LoL, you should have Riot Vanguard installed on your computer.

To install Vanguard, you need to download the Riot client first and the LoLs installs Vanguard automatically. But if you run into problems, try these steps:

How To Install, League of Legends, LoL, Riot Vanguard, Anti-cheat

- Verify that LoL and the Vanguard folder are on the same drive. To reinstall or uninstall the program, use the install.exe file that may be located in this folder.

- In the event that an error message appears stating that Vanguard is not installed, try using the system tray icon to exit Vanguard and start the game immediately.

- In order to resolve error warnings pertaining to accessing League of Legends files. Use the Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter on the LoL executable files found in its folder.

Riot just updated the game to make controlling Vanguard easier. If the program interferes with other programs, you can delete it entirely or use the icon in the system tray to temporarily disable it. But keep in mind that LoL will not be accessible without an active Vanguard.

Installing and managing Riot Vanguard is important to securing your LoL experience. By following the steps above, you can fix common issues and adjust Vanguard settings to ensure optimal compatibility with your system, while still enjoying a fair and secure gaming platform.

Also, perform a full computer restart and ensure that your operating system is current with the most recent Windows updates. Reinstalling Vanguard and League of Legends from scratch might be required if the issue doesn't go away.

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