Squad Busters: Spells - unlock, use and cancel tips

Squad Busters is a dynamic and addicting game that lets players compete on a map with some unique features. 

The core of Squad Busters’ gameplay is, of course, the spells. In this post, we’ll share some useful tips on how to unlock, activate, cast / use or cancel spells.  

Upon launching Squad Busters, certain spells will be automatically unlocked. You may locate your spell collection on the Plaza's profile area. Up until new spells are unlocked, only the spells in your collection will appear in a match. During combat, these will manifest as silver stars that are constantly whirling and bearing an image of the spell.

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How to unlock spells? 

When the wizard comes to your plaza, you can find time-limited events that unlock spells. To activate the offer spell, all you need to do is use spells in battle to meet the Wizard's number requirement within the time limit. Alternatively, if you have a lot of cash, you can buy it for an extremely high price.

How to activate and cast / use spells in Squad Busters?

After they are collected, all you have to do is hit the option to activate or drag hold and G, then release it where you want to use them.

How to cancel spells in Squad Busters?

If you do not want to throw the selected spell drag your finger to the edge of the playing field to cancel it.

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