XDefiant optimize ability cooldowns tips

XDefiant is the newest trendy game gaining hundreds of followers on the Twitch streaming platform. Unlike Call of Duty and Warzone, this first-person shooter game is very competitive. The game is currently playable for free on Ubisoft Connect.

The gameplay of XDefiant is based mostly on abilities, which provide strong offensive, defensive, and support choices. You can see the cooldown time for each ability at the bottom of your screen. You will have a significant advantage in battle if you keep an eye on these timers and use abilities as soon as they become available.

The Cleaners are an offensive faction that can cause devastation among the enemy by using abilities like the Firebomb and Incinerator Drone, which can cover enormous areas in flames. On the other hand, supportive abilities such as the Phantoms Mag Barrier or the Libertad El Remedio healing canisters can turn the tide in defensive situations and give your team vital back support. To completely understand the implications of your abilities, practice applying them in different situations.

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The difference between winning and losing a firefight is frequently determined by the effective use of one's ability. For instance, deploying a Mag Barrier precisely during a major enemy attack will absorb critical damage and enable your team to counterattack successfully.

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