Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) switching firing modes tips

Gray Zone Warfare is the newest tactical first-person shooter from Madfinger Games. It is set on the fictional island of Lamang, a large sandbox where a mysterious incident has prompted an evacuation and quarantine. Three separate private military firms conduct investigations for their clients, which entails going deeper and learning what happened.

Along with some PVE and PVP game modes to choose from and some intriguing mechanics, Gray Zone Warfare offers a strong foundation for gaming. In this article, we’ll share some useful tips on how the firing modes work.

Gray Zone Warfare, Switching, Firing Modes, Tips


When it comes to firing modes, there are many various kinds of weaponry. For the most part, assault rifles are single-shot and fully automatic. If you're sneaking up on an enemy or from a distance, you can make more accurate shots and conserve ammunition by going for a single shot. To switch between them, press B.

You can also steady your aim by pressing and holding left ALT. Go into full auto mode to eliminate enemies at mid-to close range if they swarm.

Learn to control recoil in all situations, even while firing in auto mode. This is because recoil can vary when there are fewer rounds in the magazine.

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