Helldivers 2 attack Stalker’s weak points and defeat it easily

In this quick guide, we’ll share some useful tips on how to defeat Stalkers. 

Honestly, the best advice for stalkers is to just put down the Breaker Incendiary and switch to Stagger weapons like the Pummeler. Now, prior to the most recent patch, stunning a stalker just required one Pummeler bullet. However, this was somewhat nerfed, and now it requires three to five shots. This is still not a huge concern, and most people are probably unaware of this, but the stalker's face is one of its weak points.

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Well, you might have guessed that part but what you may not know is that the Stalker's face only has 175 HP, and I'm pretty sure it lacks any armor. When you fire a stalker in the face, it takes three shots to kill it with a Pummeler—and that doesn't even include the shots you would need to stun it.

Now, if you're not using the Pummeler the Punisher or Primary Weapons are both quite good and the new pocket cannon that can stagger them is also amazing.

I feel that stagger is a much overlooked mechanic in this game because so many people are using the Breaker Incendiary.

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