LoL: The Spirit of the Hearth walkthrough, unlock rewards

Riot Games recently hinted at the upcoming release of their next champion, Aurora, who will incorporate Summoner's Rift. Aurora will be League of Legends' 169th champion and has a very special history with the Freljord region, and Ornn specifically.

The Spirit of the Hearth is a puzzle game that is integrated into the League of Legends launcher and is accessible to all players. Solving these puzzles will get you access to exclusive gifts and disclose the lore of the next character. In this post, we've provided you with the answers to these puzzles.

You may find a number of Heartwood Spirit puzzles on the League of Legends launcher. You will need to work through three distinct puzzles to get special items like emotes and icons.


Solve Smelter Puzzle

Once you have gathered all of the ores, you must proceed to the Smelter, where a massive scale is located. Simply arrange the ores in order of lightest to heaviest. To accomplish this, weigh each of your ore and compare the results on the scale. Otherwise, these ores should be arranged as follows:

LoL, Unlock Rewards, Solve Smelter Puzzle

Solve Tools in the Workshop Puzzle

The second puzzle is very easy one all you have to do is collected all tools scattered in various locations and place them in the dedicated space in Ornn's Workshop.

LoL, Unlock Rewards, Solve Tools, Workshop Puzzle

Solve Library puzzle of Lissandra, Volibear and Ornn

The third and last mystery needs to be solved by working through a puzzle in the Ornn Library. The several publications you acquire create a drawing that will aid in your solution. There will be three riddles to solve featuring Lissandra, Volibear, and Ornn, three Freljord god designs.

LoL, Solve Library Puzzle, Lissandra, Volibear, Ornn

LoL, Solve Library Puzzle, Lissandra, Volibear, Ornn

The final exclusive reward must be unlocked by playing the musical themes of the three characters whose puzzles you have completed. Navigate to Ornn's Library and select the highlighted musical instrument.

LoL, Spirit of the Hearth, Musical Instrument, Walkthrough, Unlock Rewards

To replicate the notes and perform the themes with accuracy use the acronyms found on each book in the correct order. You may unlock the musical theme simply by playing the notes in the correct order; you don't even need to play the score quickly.

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