In Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, you can unlock a lot of extras when you complete the main game under certain conditions. Depending on which level of difficulty and on which rank you play, you can look forward to several unlockable extras and bonuses that increase the replay value.

Before the game starts you can choose if you want to play on Easy, Normal or Hard. In combination with your rank, resulting from the time it takes for you to play through Resident Evil Zero, calculate, you can unlock various extra modes and more powerful weapons.

What unlockable content there and how you can receive them, you can see below.

Unlockables / requirement

Leech Hunter mode - Complete the game on Easy, Normal or Hard.
Assault Rifle - Complete the game on Normal or Hard with rank from A (Time: 3:31 to 5:00 hours).
Rocket Launcher - Complete the game on Normal or Hard with S rank from (Time: Under 3:30 hours).
Wesker Mode - Complete the game on Normal or Hard.

Unlockables in Leech Hunter mode

Complete the game in Leech Hunter mode and collect leeches in different places. A total of 100 of these Leeches there is to discover. Of each 50 blue and 50 green leeches are distributed. The blue you can earn with Billy and the green only with Rebecca. The more Leeches you have gathered in completing the game, the higher the corresponding rank, which in turn can enable the following things.

Unlockables / Requirement

All Weapons have infinite ammo - Rank A (100 leeches)
Magnum Revolver (locality in space 202 of the train) - Rank B (90-99 leeches)
Unlimited ammo for the shotgun - Rank C (60-89 leeches)
Unlimited ammo for the gun - Rank D (30-59 leeches)
Ammunition for the assault rifle in Rebecca's inventory - Rank E (1-29 leeches)

All unlockable content from the Leech Hunter mode you can use them only in the normal game.

Unlockable in Wesker Mode

The Wesker Mode is a new feature in the Remastered version and allows you to play through the story in the role of villain Albert Wesker. He can instantly move thanks to his Shadow Dash. He also sends his enemies to the death glare final into the afterlife. This is a powerful recharge attack in which he releases lasers from his eyes.

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