Collectibles are among the secrets and extras in Doom. You can find them in the form of small Marine dolls that are well hidden and distributed throughout the levels. We show you all the collectibles locations below, so that you may be able to collect them fast.

By collecting all the items you will receive for each doll found new skins for weapons, the Doom Marine or other enemies in first-person shooter. Pro Level you can always find two characters and add them to your collection. Their location is shown with a small DOOM Marine symbol on the map.

Below we show you the locations and names of all collectibles in each level of Doom

All Collectibles in Mission 1: The UAC

1. Combat Shotgun model "Blue Guy"
2. Imp-Model "Classic Guy"

All Collectibles in Mission 2: Resource Operations

1. DOOM Marine Model “Doom Guy”
2. Heavy Assault Rifle Model "Bronze Guy"

All Collectibles in Mission 3: Foundry

1. Possessed Engineer Model "Vault Guy"
2. Plasma Rifle Model "Prototype guy"

All Collectibles in Mission 4: Argent Facility

1. Hell Knight Model "UACguy"
2. Rocket Launcher Model "Stealth guy"

All Collectibles in Mission 5: Argent Energy Tower

1. UAC Pistol Model "Orange guy"
2. Summoner Model "Purple guy"

All Collectibles in Mission 6: Kadingir Sanctuary

1. Revenant Model Astroguy
2. Mancubus Model Redguy

All Collectibles in Mission 7: Argent Facility (Destroyed)

1. Cacodemon Model Rageguy
2. Baron Of Hell Model Patriotguy

All Collectibles in Mission 8: Advanced Research Complex

1. Super Shotgun Model Phobosguy
2. Pinky Model Pinkguy

All Collectibles in Mission 9: Lazarus Labs

1. Olivia Pierce Model Eliteguy
2. Samuel Hayden Model Toxicguy

All Collectibles in Mission 10: Titans Realm

1. BFG-9000 Model Keenguy
2. Cyberdemon Model Silverguy

All Collectibles in Mission 11: The Necropolis

1. Chainsaw Model Tealguy
2. Gauss Cannon Model Hazmatguy

All Collectibles in Mission 12: Vega Central Processing

1. Hell Guard Model Quakeguy
2. Cyber Mancubus Model Jungleguy

All Collectibles in Mission 13: Argent D'Nur

1. Chaingun Model Cosmoguy
2. Spider Mastermind Model Goldguy

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