Apparently there is a glitch in Shadow Warrior 2 that allows you to experience your gameplay in slow motion. For this, you only have to activate the slow-motion mode and you can immediately go and get the first monsters or destroy objects in Slow Motion.

This is really a funny and interesting option, because you are transforming the fast moves with which Shadow Warrior 2 is actually built into a completely different game. You see the shooter from a whole new perspective and can thus also make great screenshots. Follow the instructions given below to activate the slow motion mode in Shadow Warrior 2:

- Open the pause menu or simply presses "F9", so as to open the Photo mode.

- Stop now "Q" key while you are in the Photo mode.

- Now press again "F9" to enter the slow-motion mode.

- With "E" you can now exit the Photo mode and make your way to destroy monsters, creatures or objects.

Try the glitch quickly, before the developer removing it with a patch - that would indeed be a pity, because it's really fun to walk in slow motion in Shadow Warrior 2.

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