MI4: Ghost Protocol DVD/BD-Digital Download-On Demand

Either it's through TV, Films or videogames, Tom Cruise’s MI has managed to stay pertinent and remain for an extensive period of time. While the TV shows rose to fame in the 60′s, the big screen adaptation starring Cruise was made in the mid 90′s, and the franchise has been around since then and it carries on with the latest installment in the series titled Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (MI4).

MI4 features just about all that you would anticipate from movies in the spy genre. You have your face-to-face combats, ultra-modern gadgets, armaments, and a crazy person with an eye on world devastation. It can also be a source of some hilarity due to its attempt at humor. This part of the movie is typically performed by Simon Pegg (Benji Dunn); however the others intervene on the comedic side of things every now and then and usually with better results.

MI4 didn't do a great deal to the extent that character development is concerned. Rather than focusing on that, they hurl you into the action right from the start. We catch a bit of back story, but that eventually appends to the main story and not actually the characters themselves. In this installment, they focused more on the action scenes than anything else and it's delivered in a fun way.

MI4 sustains the soul of this series. With its bizarre gadgets, musical score and action, it senses like it's supposed to right from the start. In my opinion, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol possibly the best in the whole franchise and it's definitely something worth checking out if you're a follower of the series or if you just desire to watch a good action pack flick that contains some solid humor.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol will be released to DVD, Blu-ray, Combo Pack, Digital Download and On Demand on April 17, 2012. The releases will contain special bonus features such as Suiting Up In Prague, Heating Up In Dubai, Vancouver Fisticuffs and more. For complete bonus features and DVD/Bluray Specs can be found at comingsoon.net

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