Kreator Phantom Antichrist Bonus CD-DVD Features, tracklist

Mille Petrozza and the boys have really been on a high since dropping their tenth studio album “Violent Revolution” in 2001. The Kreator forged a new direction by mixing a return to roots Thrash Metal sound with Gothenburg and Melodeath integrated into the overall style. Their last studio album Hordes of Chaos was the third effort in this new style, the group were revitalized musically and put out a brilliant quality record with hundred's of riffs, blending high speeds, grooves and infrequent dark easy on the ear moments with dual guitar harmonies. The band themselves are in great form, with longtime members Petrozza and 'Ventor' Reil put down astonishing performances on their respective instruments as well as vocally, and still managing to maintain their signature sound like Metallica and Testament.

The German thrash metal band Kreator will drop their thirteenth studio album Phantom Antichrist on June 05, 2012. The band will release a Bonus DVD consisting of documentary about the making of their new record. The Bonus DVD will have the following list of features:

1. "Conquerers of the ice (Directed by Matthias Kollek)

2. "Harvesting The Grapes of Horror" (Live show in 2011 and 2008)

Harvesting The Grapes of Horror mail-order limited bonus CD features:

1. "Choir of The Damned"

2. "Hordes of Chaos"

3. "War Curse"

4. "Coma of Souls / Endless Pain"

5. "Pleasure To Kill"

6. "Destroy What Destroys You"

7. "The Patriarch"

8. "Violent Revolution"

9. "People of The Lie"

10. "Europe After The Pain"

11. "Phobia"

12. "Terrible Certainity / Reconquering The Throne"

13. "Flag of Hate / Tormentor"

Enjoy Kreator's Phantom Antichrist music video

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The standard edition album will contain the following traclist:

1. "Mars Mantra" (track length 1:18)

2. "Phantom Antichrist" (4:31)

3. "Death To The World" (4:53)

4. "From Flood Into Fire" (5:26)

5. "Civilisation Collapse" (4:13)

6. "United In Hate" (4:31)

7. "The Few, The Proud, The Broken" (4:37)

8. "Your Heaven, My Hell" (5:53)

9. "Victory Will Come" (4:14)

10. "Until Our Paths Cross Again" (5:49)

11. "Iron Destiny" (Japan exclusive)