LMP Storm and Grace Over Me Weary So Long Deluxe CD, review

Growing up in her legendary father's shadow, Lisa Marie Presley (LMP) is right away subjected to criticism with the release of her last two records. They tried to compare LMP to her father. While the listener can certainly hear the relation between father and his daughter, their music styles are completely different. Musically, she falls somewhere between Adult Contemporary and Alternative Country/Pop/Rock. Her music is dark but easy on the ear, and has no anxiety for mass audience's feelings. The lyrics are the center of her songs. LMP doesn't censor herself and it pays off at the end of the day. You sense every bit of what she has to say and not once does she come off as unnatural, nor fake. Her music takes control of your feelings and navigates the listener through a journey of her thoughts, thrusting you into an expressively aggravated moving rollercoaster in their own thought process. Her music moves the audience a great deal to correlate their own pains felt still trapped inside, with the songs, and conjures these thoughts around and inspires the listener to long to find a way to free their own pain. Lisa Marie Presley’s approach to music is very similar to Sheryl Crow, but LMP has undeniably her own style.

LMP will release her third studio album Storm & Grace on May 15, 2012 through label Universal Republic. Storm & Grace is produced by T-Bone Burnett and it will be her first record in 7 years, since the release of Now What in 2005. All of the lyrics on the record were written by Lisa Marie Presley, with the support of guest songwriters such as Fran Healy, Sacha Skarbek and Richard Hawley.

The standard edition of the album contains eleven tracks while the deluxe edition will have additional four bonus tracks. The complete tracklist is as follows:

Standard Edition:

1. "Over Me"

2. "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"

3. "Weary"

LMP, Storm and Grace, standard, cd, cover, image, Lisa Marie Presley, new, album
4. "Close To The Edge"

5. "So Long"

6. "Un-break"

7. "Soften The Blows"

8. "Storm of Nails"

9. "How Do You Fly This Plane?"

10. "Forgiving"

11. "Storm & Grace"

LMP, Storm and Grace, deluxe, cd, cover, image, Lisa Marie Presley, new, album
Deluxe Edition:

12. "Heartless"

13. "Sticks and Stone"

14. "I Was Wrong"

15. "Just a Dream

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