AC4: Black Flag - Walkthrough, Secrets, Chests, Mayan Stelae Locations

Table of Contents

1 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: General Tips
2 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 1
3 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 2
4 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 3
5 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 4
6 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 5
7 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 6
8 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 7
9 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 8
10 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 9
11 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 10
12 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 11
13 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Sequence 12 and Epilogue
14 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough: Templar Hunt, Marine and Assassin Missions
15 AC 4: Black Flag - Secrets, Buried Treasures Locations
16 Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag walkthrough - Mayan stelae

In our Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag walkthrough we will show you how to master the memories in the new action-adventure game from Ubisoft.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Solution - General Tips
To lead Edward Kenway easily through the Caribbean, the way you play can be quite useful. Away from the mission, there are all sorts of collectables to grab. We show you where they hide most frequently and give other useful information as you play your way through the game.

Peculiarities in fighting and stealth missions
It is important to note that Black Flag counter always help your victory for the fight in Assassin's Creed 4.

When an opponent prepare an attack, it is possible to eliminate the enemy immediately with your lock. After that, Edward will be able to do almost all enemies with a single attack until it hit again. Counters, and then lined up as many attacks against your adversaries together to emerge victory from the struggle.

On the high seas there is meherere factor to consider. On the one hand you have the wind direction Include in your battle. This will be shown to you in the form of an arrow on the mini-map in the lower left of the screen. Their sails against the wind, it can happen quickly, that drives her on the spot. It applies to other resources in the form of cannon balls and explosive barrels leverage. After you've dropped a shot, it takes a while until you can fire again. This may in some cases even lead to serious damage to the Jackdaw. This function also uses the cover to avoid major damage.

The slow passages in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag are probably the most difficult part of the game. Use the high vegetation, in the form of bushes and shrubs to you to sneak through patrolling enemy hordes. If you want to open a path itself, guard whistles approach them from the cover and take them silently. Then there are always gaps on the way to your destination.

To fold the stealth missions!
Always get enough sleep and Berserker arrows. With bone that gets her into harpoon mission, tinkering their arrow supply. Ideal targets for Slayer arrows are the way shooters and the graceful sword specialist. Always remain in the game zone while sneaking and tracking and over again make use of your eagle eye ability to mark targets and to identify guards and hideouts. Usually it is not necessary to sprint and if you do not continue to come at one point partout, hold a moment and study your environment. Usually there are several possible creepy routes. In cities, you can also hire practical helpers.

Uses the new fast travel system!
In the game, you can mass-climb viewpoints and synchronize. "This not only provides a stylish camera movement and revealing the map in the area, but on this point from here freely as a fast travel destination. Using the world map you can always return to this point. The same applies to your ship. Anyone can visit, once visited place immediately without that you have to sail forever. The travel feature is ideal to go without idling on mission objectives, crafting materials and resources.

Edward and equip his ship on a regular basis!
Get enough loot and money to upgrade ship and character. Also regularly buy new sabers and pistols, and look into the crafting menu to find out which hunt their prey needed for the health and gun upgrades. The information board at each site informs you about what wild animals are at home there.

Tips for quick money earning
Plays for a while first, without making you worry about money, because with time you open always better ways to earn a lot of real. Order the murder and looting of warehouses are beginning to play a good source of income. Even when diving for treasure you fill up quickly your petty cash.

Collectibles Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag
In the game, numerous collectables are available. Place these items in their present scenario, the Caribbean and the Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag:

Animus fragments
Mayan stelae
Hackbare PCs
Abstergo Sticky Notes
Assassin's orders
Templar attacks

Important for object-hunters among are the Towers, which can be found for the first part of the game. Climb these and their synchronized at the top, all collectable objects you are located in the surrounding area on the map. This facilitates you to work towards the 100 percent mark enormously.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 1
Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

After a storm, the pirate Edward Kenway lands on the coast of Cape Bonavista. With him, the assassin Duncan Walpole, who is not thrilled by the privateer. This fact has attacked his ship. As Walpole flees, Edward takes up the chase on the island where you can grab first Collectibles and already learned the basic control. The chase ends with the death of the Assassins. Edward seizes the opportunity and grabs his gap and identity. His new goal: Havanna. So it is good that the dealer Stede is held on the coast of the island by the military. After all, his goal is the thriving commercial city. Free him and you've already completed the first sequence. Since there are no optional objectives, you always reach 100 percent synchronization here.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 2
In the second sequence you reach the Havanna city for the first time and prepare for the meeting with the governor. This actually expected the Assassin Walpole, whose identity Edward Kenway adopted. In addition to important cards you shall also deliver a mysterious object that is obviously important for Templar and Assassins.

Memory 1
Full synchronization: 1) the thief Rams 2) escapes with the help of smoke bombs

Arrived at the Havanna, Stede shows you a little of the city. Climb the tower to gain an initial overview.

Way up collect an animus fragment. Synchronized, at the top of the tower every collectible on display within the map. The dealer is clumsy, as you climb the tower, was attacked by a thief. Now it is up to you to bring the pickpocket to the track. Rams the thief, rather than to kill him, you met simultaneously a bonus objective.

In the horror there's only once a drink in the local tavern. As befits a true-pirate, Edward equal to instigate a fight. Defeat the thugs and then flees from the guards Havanna. To use the smoke bombs those are available to you from the beginning. They are not only effective, but also part of the full synchronization.

Memory 2
Can 1) hire the dancers on to distract 2) the guards not engage in fighting: Full synchronization

Stede’s goods have been seized by guards and taken to the fort, Including maps and a mysterious object that you are to actually deliver to the Governor Havanna in the role of Walpole. So Edward goes to the heavily guarded festival to get the stuff back. In addition to the mission objects it applies here again Collectibles to grab.

Use the dancers, who are practical white just before the entrance to the fort, to get past the guards. Once inside, you should avoid fights. Reach the camp on the Fort and escape unnoticed after you've collected the items, with a quick jump into the water.

Memory 3
Full synchronization: 1) Is there Rogers Shooting Challenge 2) Bestehlt the three Templar

The meeting with the Governor is present. Before you are allowed to him, you expect Roger and Julien du Casse front of the villa. They both get you in how to shoot and give Edward his hidden blades. Rogers challenge consists in shooting to fulfill the optional objective. Shoot it within the time limit on all dummies. Then they both want to see the assassin.

For this purpose you have do various attacks on the practice dummies. Once the Governor accepts you, it is apparent that your three hosts are in fact the Knights, Templar and Walpole worked as a spy for the Assassins. In a playable cutscene showing you the three cards that you brought. Here you can calmly facilitate the Templar by pocketing a few gold pieces. Now you have the memory with full synchronization completed.

Memory 4
Full synchronization: 1) Turns during combat enemies with the pistol 2) Stops the ways by air attack

The Templar have taken the so-called trapped modes. This seems to be both Templar and the Assassins of great importance. Accordingly, it is a fight for the prisoners. Ensures during the escort, nothing happens between Governor and the prisoners. He uses the gun to fend off the attackers and to meet a target bonus. In the chaos of battle the Wise manages to escape. Tracked and start it again. To achieve 100 percent, you have to prosecution by an air attack to finish the wise. Pay attention to selecting their fist in the Speed Dial. The attack on the ways with weapons leads to Desynchroniation of memory.

Memory 5
Full synchronization: 1) Do not engage in fights 2) Three guards from Anpirschzonen off

Edward wants to find out what it is about the ways in coming. This is held in the governor's mansion. So, your task is to infiltrate the estate. Sneak across the fields to the villa and take it on the road with a chest. Avoid conflicts with the patrolling guards. Shrubs, bushes and fields give you enough cover to move forward silently and unseen guards. Then you put yourself to the goal.

Memory 6
Full synchronization: 1) Rescue 23 pirates 2) Turns three guards from behind a corner

After the event at the villa you find yourself as a prisoner on a ship. Now it is time to break free and make a boat. Turn enemy by their rest yourselves to a corner and it draws attention to you by whistling. They come close enough, you take them out unseen. Once arrived on deck, you have the crew in the form of pirates. These are held on the Spanish ship in the vicinity. Can you all free, waves next to a 100 percent synchronization.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 3
Sequence 3 turns primarily to the expansion of the Jackdaw and your crew to be a true pirate captain. You are the game mechanics taught on the high seas and you make the acquaintance of the famous pirates of the Caribbean.

Full synchronization: 1) Kill an iguana with the gun 2) Where an ocelot by air attack

Iceland on Abaco, your task is to work as the new captain of the Jackdaw an equipment upgrade. Hunted two iguanas and two ocelots on the small island. Shoot a lizard with the gun and killed an ocelot attack by jumping from one of the trees and then return to your quartermaster.

Memory 2
To liberate 1) disarm three guards and off 2) Shoot the rope around the Pirates: full synchronization.

In Nassau you meet the pirate James Kidd, Ed Thatch and Benjamin Hornigold, teach you what it means to be a true pirate captain. Pirates freed the city in order to recruit for your Team. In the final mission you have to save a pirate from the gallow.

Memory 3
Full synchronization: 1) 3 sailors with swivel guns kill 2) 20 Barrels of rum plunder

Benjamin Hornigold brings you the tricks on the high seas. Naval boarded, and loot are on the lesson plan. Loot 20 barrels of rum and three seamen on with swivels. These are found at the bow and stern of your ship. During the maneuver, you can use the Enter guns.

Memory 4
Full synchronization: 1) Entert a chase boat 2) Loot 50 bags of sugar

Of course, the pirate's life also has its disadvantages. Should you overdo it with the looting, enemy ships start actively looking for you. Use this to your advantage in the mission to make real fat booty and enter one of the hunting vessels. Captured their additional 50 bags of sugar, you can expect the full synchronization.

Memory 5
Full synchronization: 1) No fighting at sea 2) Sabotage two alarm bells

In the fifth to the third memory sequence Edward learns that there is also to snag on the plantation of Peter Beckford some goods. First overheard the messengers Beckford. Vegetation and uses the crowd to remain undetected. The prosecution then moves on to the lake. Again, it is important to avoid fighting in the restricted zone. Arrived at the plantation, you are looking for the key to the warehouse. Take out the guards silently and sabotaging the alarm bells that are located on the property. Once brought to the key, it dispels the camp in peace.

Memory 6
Full synchronization: 1) Two boats with a broadside sink 2) Potted two ships with heavy balls

Pursue the galleon unseen. Once the fight breaks out again on the high seas, it is important to ward off the attacking ships. Try during the battle of the two ships with heavy balls off. To do this you need to stay as close to the opponent, as the heavy bullets are effective only at short range. In addition, you should try to sink two ships with only one wide side of the Jackdaw to achieve 100 percent synchronization.

Memory 7
Full synchronization: 1) Avoid fights 2) You Casse Turns out by air attack

In this remembrance to you is before the first attack on an important target. Fearing the Templar could have recognized him during the galleon persecution, Edward embarks on Great Inagua Island to Julien Du Casse. Cross the very linear jungle on the south side of the island and try to fight with the guards on the way to avoid. Do you have the green thicket cross, you find yourself in the Bay of Great Inagua again. In the open area you again expect many patrolling guards that you can bypass either unseen or off. When you get into fight, you can not achieve the full synchronization. Du Casse is on the big ship in the bay. Climb the ship's side to get a good overview of the galleon. Once the target is detected, strike, and successfully complete the third sequence.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 4

Sequence 4 starts in the Abstergo headquarters. Follow the nice lady on the elevator and then meet the boss of the group. After you've survived the interview with him, you talk to the engineer John. You should hack a computer for him and handed over the footage to courier. Head over to the level of project "Sample 17". There you can thanks to the experienced hacker henceforth doors of the security level one pass. Once you have completed the hack tutorial, you will return to the Animus.

Memory 1
Always full synchronization

Back to Great Inagua, James Kidd shows you the secrets of the island. Learn all about the Mayan steles, which can be found on many islands of the map. In addition, you can see the armor of the Knight Templar, which you can reach with the help of keys. These carry the Templar in the Caribbean with it. So it's up to Edward to acquire these.

Memory 2
Full synchronization: 1) Beat Assassins three unconscious 2) Loot four treasure chests

In Tulum, James Kidd wants to show you something. The entire island is guarded by Assassins. So start from the front, use the vegetation to reach unseen Kidd and switch guard silently. On the way you will find four treasure chests. Loot this also in order to achieve full synchronization.

Memory 3
Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent synchronization

James Kidd identifies as a member of the Assassin Order. Follow him through the ruins and solves the simple switch puzzles along the way. At the end you come to a picture of the sage who was able to escape at the Havanna. When you reach this memory always 100 percent.

Memory 4
Full Synchronisaion: 1) Stuns eight guards with sleep arrows 2) Uses the two guards

While you have crossed the ruins with Kidd, the Assassins and your crew captured. Your goal is to free the prisoners. Use the blowpipe from Kidd to silent the guards and us berserk arrows on other opponents. Eliminates the unseen guards and free your friends to complete this memory.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 5

In the fifth of a total of 13 sequences decides to move you back to Nassau. Once there you must leave again. There is a fort to attack and to facilitate Governor Torres by several gold doubloons.

Memory 1

Full synchronization: 1) Use mortar against the fort 2) Kill the officer with a sprint attack

Sail to the fort for defense measures. Turn off the towers with mortars and broadside. Once notice weakness, uses heavy hits. Once the tower fall, you can capture. Searches the officer in the back and turns it off. Then you can enter the armory and successfully complete the memory.

Memory 2
Full synchronization: 1) Kill 4 sniper 2) confused by smoke bombs kill three guards

In Kingston you Prins and Torres have to follow through the city. Follow James Kidd at the beginning of the mission. So it is certainly lagging behind the targets. At the point at which they complained to you that they can not turn off the people, but you have to get away. Follow them both up to a hill. There you will inevitably discover and now you have to fight your way free. After you've done this, Kidd piled up and now wants to bring the two but to route Templar.

Memory 3
Full synchronization: 1) shoot arrows with two bedrooms on ruffians 2) Two sleep darts against snipers use

Now it is time to bring the man to the route that has the wise in his power. Prins infiltrated their property at night along with Kidd. The ruffians that you have to shoot arrows with Berserk for full synchronization, it acknowledges its large and wide shape and the Axe, they carry with them. Also use sleep darts against the sniper to help you the way. The target person is behind his villa in a garden pavilion. After you've brought him down, you flee. Against the superior forces of the enemy hordes you have no chance. Flee from the area and dive under until they are no longer looking for you.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 6

At the beginning of the sixth sequence you organize a diving bell for the Jackdaw. This you acquire either in your captain's cabin or the harbor master for 5000 Real. Here needed to dive for medicine for the sick Nassau.

Memory 1
Full synchronization: 1) Loot three chests under water 2) Avoid a Shark Attack

Once submerged in the cool water, you can move freely as you like on land. But Edward must take breath every now and then. Fortunately white barrels are available for you that are filled with air. Swim to them and interact with the barrel to fill your breath meter. Pays attention to jellyfish that cause you harm. In the first area you should focus on your three chests, which can be reached easily. The fourth chest that is located under a boat that is your mission. Have you found the medicine, you swim through the tunnel to another area. There teeming with sharks. Use the kelp carpets and shipwrecks to hide you from the ravenous sea creatures. Float to Blackbeard's diving bell and pays attention to the way in Collectibles.

Memory 2
Full synchronization: 1) Save five survivors 2) Turns confused by three guards from smoke bombs

Blackbeard is desperately trying to organize medicine for Nassau. He goes so far and is pursuing a galleon. Find him and his ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge in the target area by using the telescope. Did you find him, you have to help him fight the redcoats. Make sure that the terror of the sea must not plug too much. You defeat the attackers, it is already on. You must follow the galleon and boarded the Queen Anne's Revenge. Pay attention to our tips for naval combat. The mighty ship fires at the same time with three broadsides. Once you can board the ship, you seek the enemy officer and kill him.

Memory 3
Full synchronization: 1) Use sleep darts on 3 crocodiles 2) skin a crocodile

During the siege of Charles Towne, it is up to you to keep track of the night a gunboat to turn to get to medicine. Let yourself driving with the Jackdaw through the swamp, the gunboat still glimpse of the towers which are distributed in the area. Sabotage along the way, an alarm bell to remain undetected. Take more persecution, step on foot. There are two officers at the end of the track and the captain turned out to complete the memory.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Walkthrough - Sequence 7

In the Caribbean, you find yourself in the headquarters of Abstergo Entertainment. Again the CCO wants to talk to you about the spectacular imagery. Melanie takes the elevator and move to the top floor. Just before access to the computer cameras you will encounter the technician John. You will receive the security clearance for level 2. Crack the mini-game, John tells you to hack the computer of the chief, to get detailed information about a meeting. Follow the target point and then hack the computer bring the stolen data to the courier, and then return back to being a pirate

Memory 1

Full synchronization: 1) Kill 3 guards while hanging from a ledge 2) Destroy the alarm bells.

My first memory of the seventh sequence becomes quite tricky. In the first part of the mission tail Woodes Rogers, and Hornigold other pirates will hold a parlay. Sneak out through the pirate town and again use the vegetation to act unseen. Reach the fort, your task is to steal Rogers’ plans. On the left side there is a way to get to the wall and to the tower. You will encounter a guard kill him, it will be difficult. Climb further up and destroy remaining guards. You have to reach plan unseen. There are basically three different approaches here.

The first option for you is the right to run the synchronization point along the wall and thereby eliminate the sniper. But this is extremely difficult because of the good positions of the opponents. The second option is basically the same as the first, just like you go from the tower to the left along the wall. There are fewer guards and these have also a more restricted field.

Take first two guards at the top of the tower and make sure that the sniper can not see you. He will shoot at you followed by desynchronization. Take both out of the way including the next two guards on the left wall by air assassination. Then on the right you’ll see a small lead, under the stand with a cart of hay. Perform a full Leap and pull the adjacent guard in the cart. Now you have to consider on the mini map, which guards could see you. Run as fast as possible into the bushes just before the finish. If you have spotted guards, waiting to get their attention again and then run again when the path is clear and interact with the plan on the barrels in front of the house to successfully complete the sequence.

Memory 2

Full synchronization: 1) Kill 4 guards in one kill streak 2) Use the blowpipe darts 10 times

Your task is to steal four barrels of gun powder in Nassau to prepare a lightship. This is to break through the blockade of English ship. The series of attacks reach by locking an opponent. Then you turn the remaining enemies with a sword stroke. The blowpipe use as usual. If you run out of arrows, you can customize this menu in the production of bone. Alternatively, the ruffians sometimes wear a pair of arrows with it. Loot them to come to new ammo.

Memory 3

Full synchronization: 1) Kill three guards from stalking zones 2) Air attack Chamberlaine

To prevent the pirate ship sink, you shall make an attempt on Peter Chamberlaine. Before he gives the order, he shall be brought to silence. Track the target person first by the Raiders. Over the houses on the left wins height. By better overview on the objective you have a tremendous advantage. Also you meet along the way only a sniper that can be turned off with ease. Although Chamberlaine cross the gorge to the beach you should stay on it until it will go no further. The commander goes to his ship. This gives you the perfect opportunity to turn it off. Run at the end of the beach, outside the exclusion zone on a fallen tree. About this reach you safely to the ship. Then climb on the ship mast and wait until the target to attack from above.

Memory 4
Full synchronization: 1) Use mortar to sink 3 vessels 2) Use barrels to sink vessel

Now it is time to lift the blockade of the British lightship. Escort the ship loaded with powder to his goal and turn your opponents on the way out. If you managed that, break through the ship and flee the area.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 8
In sequence 8 you carry battles mainly at sea. There is a contradiction from an old friend.

Memory 1

Full synchronization: 1) Eliminate four guards 2) Use heavy shot to destroy the Man O’ War

to avoid the soldiers while you listen in on the conversation. There are multiple opportunities to take out the guards from your hiding places along the left side. Kill four of them to complete the optional objective.

After the Blackbeard’s retirement party, you must follow the stranger, use plants and large crowds to hide, until he reached the restricted area, stay left and cover to the plants in order to hear the conversation unseen. Then flee over the roof of the house in front of you to your ship in order to board the warship. Keep your distance from the ship, thus avoiding major damage to the Jackdaw. Use mortar and targeted attack to reveal vulnerability. For critical damage on the enemy ship fire their swivel guns on the sensitive areas.

Memory 2

Full synchronization: 1) Damaged the slave ship with improved ram 2) Use the fort’s defenses to sink a ship

On the high seas you follow the ship of the Royal African Company. Search for the Slave Ship in the target area and then enter.. The gun powder can be found on the deck of the galleon. This you can destroy with a shot or by interaction of the barrels. Just before you have reached all the goals you're interrupted by a cutscene.

Memory 3

Full synchronization: 1) Skin three animals 2) Full air attack on Vane

After the event of the second memory, Edward is on Isla Providencia. There he stranded with Vane, which makes life difficult for you.

Find the first madman on the Big Island. In the jungle you will encounter a panther that you can skin. When you reach the clearing, you will meet Vane who throws grenades and tries to shoot at you. Uses the time in which he prepares a grenade to throw at you, get covered. Run into the field to the right and jump over the white column of the ruins to get behind the tower, stand before your destination. Climb the tower and take the crazy Vane from the air above.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 9

Sequence 9 brings you closer and closer to the grand finale of the story of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. You put yourself on the search for ways to finally get to the observatory.

Memory 1

Full synchronization: 1) Kill four ruffians 2) Sabotage two alarm bells

Back in Kingston and still on the hunt for the slave ship, it is Hornigild and Rogers track and pursue. You come after the persecution by the city to a large restricted area. Step into this through the gap in the fence to the right of the guards. Creep through the plants behind the two of the enemies. Achieve this barn you put yourself on a cart inside up to get a better overview. Pay attention to the guard in the loft of the barn. Going after the cutscene in which you discover, it is your task again to escape from the guards. First take down the guards you from around. Then you move into the direction of water and go to the right along the ridge on the beach. In this way, you catch sight of any other opponents and escape quickly and unseen.

Memory 2

Full synchronization: 1) double assassination of Burges and Cockrow 2) Freed both pirate group

Sails to the target area of memory and sunk the ship that finds there. You can also boarded them, but only the Jackdaw

Repair it. In your fleet you can not take these ships. Then you can look on the island after the sage. It is located in a warehouse, you will find that when you reach the hill on the right. In addition, pirates were captured, who worked under the wise. Free this to gain 100 percent synchronization. You can find the pirate chained in the camp on the mountain on the island. They are held by snipers. Operate silently and unseen, to prevent the execution of the privateers. At the foot of the camp you will find the two targets. Kill them when they stand next to each other, to meet the other optional mission.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 10

In the tenth sequence cuts from Edward loose ends, to ensure that no one seeks after him or them and the Assassin comes in finding the observatory in the way.

Memory 1

Full synchronization: 1) Do not engage in fights 2) Switches the captain with a rope swing

This memory leads you on the trail of Portuguese ships that supposedly has a treasure on board. This is the sage Rogers particularly important. So you follow the Portuguese ship and stealing a flag from one of their ships. So you can operate unseen among the enemies. Find the Nosso Senhor in the narrow canyon. Have you found him, they pursue their goal. Respect on the way to other vessels that block your passage. Take wind out of the sail in order to control better. So it is best through the narrow passage. A chest is made of the men of the galleon on land. Sneak unnoticed to the beach and on the guards who protect the chest. Have you reached and plunder the box, waiting at the site. The Jackdaw comes to you, so that you can go right on board. During another stop shortly thereafter, you have to take the snipers on the towers. Once you're on the last tower and have also emptied them, swinging on the rope on the galleon in front of you. Turn in the jump from the rope from the captain to meet the second optional objective.

Memory 2

Full synchronization: Allow 1) Do not engage in fights 2) Performs a full air attack on Hornigold

Will search for the ship Hornigold. The Benjamin drives in the target area on the map. Use the telescope to get a better overview. Have you found it, did you shoot at them with everything?. If the ship has taken enough damage, it will be a cutscene and you follow Hornigold on the island Santanillas. The island, with many ancient ruins is relatively clear and Hornigold an easy target. Climb over the ruins left and then use the log over the abyss to get to the other side. On the roof of the ruins can attack their Hornigold from the air.

Memory 3

Full synchronization: 1) Incapacitate all guardians while unarmed 2) Incapacitate 5 guardians from stalking zones

Edward finally arrived in the island on which the observatory is to be hidden. First, you shall but the dangers in the dense

Eliminate jungle. In the plants, the guardians of the island hide. Examined in all target areas for the residents and switch them out with their fists. With the Assassin View can easily track down the enemy in the bushes as they glow red. Are you coming to the area with several levels, this goes on top. There are snipers with blowpipes. These are particularly aggressive and dangerous, because they fire quickly and accurately. You made the way free for the wise, a cutscene follows. Step into the ruin and then follow the wise. After a repeated sequence in which you the power of the station is shown, Roberts true intentions and tries to lock you in the catacombs. The output from the potential grave is located near the top. First climb to the right and then go up to escape.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough - Sequence 11

At the beginning of the penultimate sequence, you find yourself once again in Abstergo Entertainment isolation was imposed and all employees included in a row in their room. Again, you will be contacted by the technician. Also the last level of security is activated. Search for the PC in the catacomb of the company and then enter the code: 7, 7, 7, 3… After completing all the tasks, you can return to your room.

Memory 1

Full synchronization: 1) Sabotage three alarm bells 2) Visit old friends

After the events of the previous sequence, Edward is in captivity. In the cage under two guards, you only have the possibility to shake the bars. This is sorely needed to distract the two. From the bush to the leader of the Assassins come and save you from your tricky situation. Now seek help from your friends. Mary and Anne are in prison before you. Before you go through the entrance, you should take a look at the south-west side. There are also cages. In one you will find one of your old friends he is necessary for the optional objectives. Then go through the locked area in the prison. Here you can expect the second friend. After a few steps in the dungeon, you’ll hear a voice. The origin is located on the right side of the cells, in the first major block. There Vane is behind bars and laments his suffering. Now, you have to look for Mary and Anne, who are held even deeper into the catacomb. Have you reached it, support and escorted Mary to the boat.

Memory 2

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

The second memory of this sequence is difficult to describe with words. Plagued by hallucinations, Edward drags himself through blurred memories and visions. In some places you can subtly intervene in the sequence and control yourself.

Memory 3

Full synchronization: 1) Use the rope dart to hang two guards 2) Use the rope dart to pull three guards.

Edward remembers and returns to the assassins back to Tulum. These have still can not fully recover and stand before a new attack by the Spaniards. Help the order by first off their opponents in the jungle. To use the rope arrow that you have received from this mission, Jump on higher ground and throw arrows at your enemies. Once you're at the beach take all the Spanish soldiers and then jump on the ship of the attacker. Seek out the captain and finish him to complete the memory.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag walkthrough - sequence 12 and Epilogue

The grand finale of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Now it is also the last opponent to eliminate and bring the observatory in your hands.

Memory 1

Full synchronization: 1) Eliminate the Italian diplomat from a haystack 2) Kill Rogers from a bench.

First, Rogers is to be guided to the end. The new governor of the Havana is a lavish party at his supposed victory. Track the Italian diplomat to steal his clothes. So guards won’t recognize you at the ceremony. Follow the diplomat unnoticed. Until you come to the first restricted area. Climb quickly to the house to your left, at the leaning ladder. From there you can jump into the haystack to your right. The diplomat makes a brief stop, allowing you to take him. So you not only solve the task unseen, but also meet an additional target. Have you taken possession of dresses; you can go to the party. Guards at the festival do not recognize you. But it comes too close to Roger, he will let you fly up. Go right past the entrance to the left. There is a bench on which you can wait until Roger finishes his speech and walk by. Now, you can take him and complete the optional objective, and can return to the Assassin's Bureau.

Memory 2

Full synchronization: 1) Take all eight guards by destroying the powder kegs 2) Use the rope dart to kill Roberts

When you discover Roberts, he makes a run for his ship. You have only few seconds to make it. So run and dive into the water and head for the wheel of your ship. You stand in front of a heavy battle. Initially pursue the galleon. During the time you can do little damage to the warship. You arrive at the destination, you see not only Roberts galleon in front of you. Next to him are also two Spanish and two English ships that after him, careful not to bombard the English and Spanish ships. Keep your distance and use the mortar and wide sides for massive damage to the galleon. Then enter the mighty ship to kill. He is right next to the steering wheel. Use the rope dart and bring him down.

Memory 3

Full synchronization 1) Use two guards as a human shield 2) Do not involve in Battle

Now only Torres left on your list. The former governor is also staying at the Havana. But only his bodyguard can go close to him. The Giant's Axe with is located in the target area right next to the Cathedral. Pursue him through the homes of the trading town and marked him with the Assassin's view. How do you see your target through the walls. El Tiburions path leads to the fort, which you have already paid a visit at the beginning of the game. Of course, the road to the fortress remains the same. On the left side you will find access and can reach the walls of the fortress.

Torres stands in the courtyard, jump from the top by air assassination. Unfortunately, this is the man whom you have not done your goal. The bodyguard has lured you into a trap and now coincides with his brute force on you here. Use in the fight the guard as human shield when Tiburion fires at you. Fire him back. Aim manually on the head of Hühnen for serous damage. If the giant, you have to escape from the area. Do not jump into the water because you are so unprotected exposure to the snipers in the area. Run and use the Leap to enter a haystack from which you can then disappear through the street. If your path does lead into the water, dive under and swim away from the collection of guards in order to give you some time to escape.

Memory 4

Full synchronization: 1) Rescue the captured Guardian 2) Use the Observatory's defenses to destroy the guards

Torres is located in Observatory and is about to take advantage of the machine for his machinations. Free on the way to the ruins of the captured Guardian. The Observatory defense mechanisms of the old ruins have been activated. Notice the bright rays from the walls and floors, as they do with just one hit. Use it to your advantage instead and send the guards to their doom. They are defeated; you can climb to the platform to get Torres. Again, the machine rages with their defenses. Wait until the path is clear before you shimmy to the nearest safe area. Once you're above the Templar, jump on him by air attack and ended his evil machinations.


After the cutscene, you find yourself inside the observatory for the last time in the Abstergo headquarters again. Melanie congratulates you mean that you have contributed to the arrest of the hacker. As a reward, you will get to see the trailer for the upcoming pirate adventure of Abstergo Entertainment. After the cutscene, the credit flickers across your screen.

Congratulations! You have Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag mastered!

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag walkthrough - Mayan stelae

The Pillars of the ancient Mayan ruins can be found throughout the world. To solve it, climb to the highest point of the column and interact with him. Now wait for the little puzzle. You have the lines with the surrounding environment. Once you all have gathered, you can unlock Tulum on the Mayan outfit. This is not just a visual improvement. Enemy guns and muskets are blocked while wearing the outfits.

Great Inagua: If during the sequence 4 - unlocked memory first James Kidd follow the mission to be introduced into the Mayan stelae.
Cape Bonavista (180.594)
Cat Iceland (734.694)
Mantanzas (343.643)
Tulum (180, 594)
Isla Providencia two Mayan stelae (503.45 and 505.43)
Tortuga (876.377)
Long Bay (525.253)
New Bone (431116)
Misteriosa: two Mayan stelae (303.199 and 296.196)
Santanillas: two Maya - stelae (217.245 and 221.242)
Pinos Iceland: Two Mayan stelae (334.476 and 342, 78)

The stele you realize after the synchronization on the viewpoints of the small Mayan symbol on your map.

Abstergo sticky notes and hackbare PCs

The two of Abstergo Entertainment Collectibles do not count in the 100 percent synchronization of the game. But they give you some

Insight into the backgrounds of the game and the story. The hackbaren PCs appear on the map. As the story progresses it always gets a higher security clearance, which allows you access to new areas and computers. Hack them with a mini-game and you'll get access to letters, videos or audio files.

The Abstergo sticky notes can be found scattered throughout the building of the company. The little blue QR codes also give you some impressions on the background of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. The most important codes are located in the Office of the CCO, the catacombs of the building and the office of Melanie, during the epilogue. The hunt for the Abstergo collectibles you will facilitate significantly after the end of the story. In the free mode after completing the game collecting all objects are displayed on the map.