Child of Light Locations of All 16 Confessions

Child of Light - Guide: Locations of all 16 Confessions: After our tips for the basic features of the oculi-crafting and the effects of the stones in Ubisoft's new fantasy game Child of Light, we want to help you in this part of our Guides to find all 16 Confessions, which are found in the four sections of Child of Light. Here, we want to tell you not only the locations of all 16 Confessions, but also want to tell you about the background story of Child of Light.

Confessions are appeared at various points in the Child of Light. Some are easy to find, others more difficult. Do you see any of the Confessions, you just need to Aurora or Igniculus move over the scraps of paper and put the confession in the confession menu. You can go to the menu and read the corresponding Confessions on the pause button. Tip: Once you have one of the 16 Confessions found, it is automatically saved so you can leave directly, without the need to finish the level!

The locations of all 16 Confessions in Child of Light can be found in the attached table. In the video of Brian of PS4Trophies you see that too once in the image. The Time column in the table shows you where to find the particular confession in the video. In addition to this tip to Ubisoft's fantasy role-playing game we also have a tip for Child of Light: Oculi-crafting and Child of Light Walkthrough.

Confession Area Location Time
Number 1 Mathildis Forest Rely flying the old monastery and flies to the left until the announcement for "Into the West" appears. Is now flying back to the entrance to the monastery. The letter fluttering around above the entrance. 0:07 to 0:48
Number 2 Plains of Rambert After Norah in the Plains comes to you, you're flying geradeus and bottom left into a cave. At the end of the cave you will find a secret door down again. Behind you expect some puzzles and at the end some chests and commitment. 2:44 to 3:11
Number 3 Mathildis Forest In the Village Capelli her freed some villagers from a source. At the end of spring cave you have to fly upwards, the letter flutters near a spider through the cave. 1:35 to 1:57
Number 4 Cliffs of Eren Immediately after Aengus has joined you at first, you go through a door and flies straight up, until you get to a tree, before flapping around a commitment. 4:22 to 4:45
Number 5 Mathildis Forest Immediately after the start of the game is to fly to the left and the entrance to the Tree of Thorne's still up. There you will find the letter. 0:49 to 1:15
Number 6 Mathildis Forest On the way to the Plains of Rambert you traverse a cave by the off and blowing a strong draft. Directly in front of the hole from which comes this draft, you fly up and at the end of the shaft upward to the right. Now on the mountainside on the left all the way up to the next letter. 1:58 to 2:20
Number 7 Plains of Rambert After Norah in the Plains comes to you, you fly straight. Below the waterfall and the opposite cliff, almost exactly in the middle of the letter fluttering around. 2:20 to 2:44
Number 8 Mathildis Forest In the Tree of Thornes her flies out down and to the right. Just before the first tree you fly up and up to the left, here you can find the letter. 1:15 to 1:35
Number 9 Plains of Rambert  Located near the heart of Magna Golem. Fly to the right, then to the left flies down and down into a cave where the magma pours a case, you see the next confession already. 2:45 to 3:26
Number 10 Cliffs of Eren After speaking in front of the mirror at the statues with Norah, you do not go into the mirror. Instead, just above the mirror straight up and there is the letter. 3:58 to 4:21
Number 11 Cynbel Sea After their gene you met flying from a ship on stilts to the right until you on a small island a rock pillar you see below, here it goes straight up and to the right is then a confession. 5:07 to 5:35
Number 12 Cynbel Sea In the Temple of the Sun you speak with Nox. After the conversation, she flies upward. If you follow it, you will also find the letter. 6:42 to 7:18
Number 13 Cynbel Sea In the Gate of the Sun, the area with the crystals, you fly to the right. Will you come to a small green crystal over, you're right. Links of a stranded, fish-shaped submarine, under several waterfalls you will find the confession. 5:35 to 5:59
Number 14 Cliffs of Eren After her Aengus've met for the last time, you're flying in the rain to the right. To the right of you, you should already see the letter. 4:45 to 5:06
Number 15 Cliffs of Eren You have it in the Cliffs of Eren fly all the way up until you see coming down the left from above waterfalls. Here flutters also a commitment through the area. 3:27 to 3:57
Number 16 Cynbel Sea You will pass a large statue of a man with two horses and a fish at the starts a cut scene. Go to the left. Now you have to defeat a boss and then the last letter above you. 5:59 to 6:41