Dark Souls 2: Locations of all Soul Vessels in Drangleic

In Dark Souls 2, you stat with the soul vessel back to the initial values of your class. In the game you will find a total of six pass Soul vessels. Here you'll find some soul vessels , while you get other NPCs or corpses. Have you solved the three old fire keepers in the level "in between". There continues your stats back to the initial values of your starting character and distributes all new points.

This is particularly useful, for example, in Dark Souls 2 if you have verskillt. Perhaps you initially set to a Dex character and want to rely on Strength, so you are allowed through Soul Vessel. Conservative Dark Souls player must not use the soul vessel in Dark Souls 2 and place it possibly just inside the box on a beacon from.

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The following section of this Dark Souls 2 guide we offer you the locations of all the soul vessels.

1 Majula
Saulden four NPCs have to return to Majula, then you are Saulden a soul vessel

2 Majula, Villa
In the basement of the villa you defeat the skeleton and place in the freezer a soul vessel. Before it gets you the key to the property of Cale in the cave with the rolling stone ball in the forest of fallen giants

3 The Lost Fort
In one room, the her. Means Pharros Wahrheitsverk opens. As a reward, in a box.

4 Drangleic Castle
The big lift takes you up in a room where a girl is being held. In this room also are three chests, one containing the soul vessel.

5 Tomb of the Undead
Near the movable bridge you look down and find a platform on which ye let fall. Inside the chest you will find the soul vessel.

6 Reminder of Orro
The memory of her Orro achieved through the heart of the ash mist. Uses the fallen trees near the Tracker boss fight. Inside you follow the path to the right up the stairs and then outside. The corpse right offers you the soul vessel.