5 The Gray Chapter: Learn all about Slipknot's new album

Next week the Slipknot will release their first studio album in six years. We have prepared a summary of what fans can expect from the Slipknot's fifth album ".5 The Gray Chapter".

The material mark the departure of drummer Joey Jordison and is the band's first LP without bassist Paul Gray, who died in 2010, but received a nod in the title of the album and some songs.

The album consists of 13 tracks and will hit the stores on October 21. During this week, the band is also releasing a few tracks present on the material.

1. "XIX"

The opening song begins with a somber sound and a guitar. Then Corey Taylor whispers "This song is for the dead / This song is for the dead," the extent to which the volume of the instruments are increasing Taylor's voice invades the environment in a tone of fury and after showing all his anger return to the sound of the beginning of the track. Throughout the verses, the band also makes clear that they are really back.

2. "Sarcastrophe"

The song begins with a slow sound and light percussion. Soon comes the sound of guitars and drums, and suddenly, we have Corey Taylor showing his aggressive tone harmonized with the other instruments. One can say that this song is the classic Slipknot, but in a more angry, so there killer riffs and there is this hostility in the guitars and percussions. Furthermore, Wilson DJ Sid also includes more music insanity.

3. "AOV"

The song mixes the aggressiveness verses sung by Corey accompanied by bass, drums and raging guitars. In addition, the keyboard sounds like a siren. The song also includes a more melodic voice of Corey. In the interlude, we are surprised, most of the instruments are not touched, and heard a piano and there is also a highlight for bass. Then return to this song in anger.

4. " The Devil In I "

This song is already known by fans and is the first official single from the album. And compared to other tracks on the material, it can be considered the slowest and with a high load of sorrow, but of course the band added a touch of fury on the chorus.

5. "Killpop"

This can be considered the most amazing song for fans, the highlights are the percussion and keyboards. The song brings a clean guitar and a more melodic voice of Corey.

6. "Skeptic"

This is the song that makes it clear that the band pays tribute to bassist Paul Gray. The song includes the lines "The world will never see another crazy mother***ker like you / The world will never know another man's amazing as you" ("The world will never see a motherfucker as crazy as you / The world will never have such an amazing guy like you"). The music follows the style of the well Slipknot , but brings a very emotional and painful burden.

7. "Lech"

Early in the song, unaccompanied by any instrument, Corey Taylor has released the line "I know why Judas wept, mother***ker / I know why Judas cried, motherfucker." Then the heavy sound of the band kicks in full effect to represent the violent load the song.

8. "Goodbye"

The first part of this song is a ballad and makes you really feel the pain and sorrow of a farewell. Later, the song is carried by guitars, drums and other instruments, but without losing the load of suffering.

9. "Nomadic"

One song that recalls the era of "hard Iowa." With a complicated riff, riffs and solos bulky sweeping guitars, this may be one of the most eccentric melodies that the band has ever done.

10. "The One That Kills The Least"

This is one of the songs still shows that the band is suffering and use music as a way to ease the pain. It is a bit slower number.

11. " Custer "

Recently released by masked, fans already know this track. The song begins with some voices in the studio and soon starts to enter the guitars, the drums and distorted bass. The chorus is remarkable, "Cut, cut, cut me up and f**k, f**k, f**k me up" and along part of the song verses are said by Corey in a tone of fury.

12. "Be Prepared For Hell"

It's a far cry from the earlier work of Slipknot interlude, it is more like a soundtrack to a movie with a terrifying and full voice effects in the background accompanied by a keyboard.

13. " The Negative One "

This was the first song on the album that fans listened. The song can be a summary of this LP. It is aggressive, full of screams, heavy and follows the vibe of the band.

14. "If Rain Is What You Want"

The last track on the album is less heavy than "The Negative One", but it has a similar feel. It is full of sadness, brings a more melodic voice of Corey Taylor and also his cries, accompanied by heavy sounds of the guitars and drums.

In short, Slipknot's new material will please old fans and win new ones.