Watch Dogs (PC) Get 3000 XP in less than 10 minutes

I have found a little trick, with which you can get up to 3000 XP (experience points) in less than 10 minutes.

What you need:

1 time - a shoot neat bang
1 time - your room at Motel
1 time - required level of 5 (for maximum XP-yield)

Optional or practical: UPS, UPS Approach, grenades / mortars

As you proceed:

The first thing you wanted to bring your level up properly once, how to do you should know.

If not, open fire! : P

What is important here is that you do that already near your motel room, then pleasant to get in there because ...

... If your level is high enough you should flee as vividly as possible in your room and from there to the bathroom and then take cover, best behind the door so if you go purely to the bathroom / run left.

Then you wait briefly, the cops will not go into your room and they will not follow you there.

Shortly thereafter, you should see that the bottom right of the timer goes further and further towards 0.

When arrived there you get the reward for the run from the police

Now the gun comes with a loud bang into play.

Once shoot - Target matter.

For this, you do not even have to move, it's enough if you pull the trigger simple.

When the timer is reset to 0 indicating your reward because you fire your weapon again.. then again and again and again ...

That was basically already.

Hint: It is most efficient to have between the scoring and shot brings back the cops on you pass no or little time.

With UPS types and grenades can reach the wanted level 5 reach the room is uncomfortable because of the helicopter, but for the lazy among you.

The tools mentioned are to be brought after 20 minutes of some use to the wanted level from the balcony again higher as there as I mentioned, decrease with time, which indeed affects the points.

Caution: Sometimes your wanted level is displayed in red, which means that one sees you, but don’t panic, just stay quietly in the corner, no one will get you there and after a short time will not find you.

Please brief the end.

You not messed up "earn" that the fun of the game, because you can use this method up to 18,000 XP in an hour.

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